Syneto: Smart Storage Solutions for All Enterprise Data Needs

Vadim Comănescu, CEO & Partner
Digital data continues to grow exponentially, unleashing unforeseen opportunities for business growth. Data growth comes from various sources: internet browsing, IoT, digital healthcare records, U.S. Government’s Open Data initiative and more. This data has to be made readily available for technology platforms such as big data analytics, to gain desired intelligence for a better running business. But the data needs to be stored before it can be leveraged. “Rather than advancing to add more storage systems and more management complexity, enterprises should adopt a software defined storage approach for better flexibility, scalability, and manageability of resources,” remarks Vadim Comănescu, Partner and CEO, Syneto. “That approach is virtualization.” Virtualization technology has been around for years now. It went from being a mere beta-test lab technology to a significant component of data storage for increased storage capacity, energy-efficient operations, low cost of ownership, unrestrained data migration and much more. Syneto is addressing the need for business flexibility and agility by facilitating easy backup, archiving and recovery tasks by leveraging virtualization. The company has built a -hyper-converged storage architecture based on industry standard hypervisors like VMware and KVM, integrated as an all-in-one private cloud hyper-converged solution.

The company stepped into the world of data storage in 2009 with its flagship operating system Syneto Storage OS. It reduces the complexity of managing and operating virtualized environments. Syneto Storage OS powers the company’s storage arrays-ARK, UTLRA and EXTREME Series, designed for disaster recovery, integration with VMware infrastructures and performance demanding VDI and database workloads respectively. Syneto’s software-defined approach combines the scalability, space-efficiency and usability of Syneto Storage OS with full VMware integration through the vSphere API. This allows users to create an unlimited number of consolidated VM snapshots with no space overhead. Provisioning VMware virtual machines on Syneto Storage offers feature sets like disaster recovery, business continuity and storage efficiency. Syneto’s vSphere plug-in makes the management of VMware virtual machines easier by creating, cloning and expanding data stores directly from the UI.

At Syneto, we value time and our solution lets clients spend it more on their business and less on managing storage

In addition to this, the company’s data solutions reduce the storage footprint needed for deploying virtualized environments by 2x-10x with the adoption of space efficiency technologies like always on in-line compression, in-line deduplication, thin provisioning and zero space allocation snapshots.

With container technology being increasingly deployed for data storage, Syneto continues to look at smart ways to integrate and leverage these trending technologies which will impact future virtualized infrastructures. Making a difference in the industry, European-based Syneto has been chosen by clients for its easy-to-use “consumer grade” simplicity, its modern interface design, industry-standard hyper-converged storage solutions and the ability to reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs by up to 50 percent. “At Syneto, we value time and our solution lets clients spend it more on their business and less on managing storage,” adds Comănescu.

Boosting performance for applications in virtualized and private cloud environments, Syneto’s ULTRA series has drawn clients like Italian Air Force to its customer-base. The issues of high costs and maintenance of an older server infrastructure at the client’s biggest radar installations were solved with Syneto’s 16TB ULTRA Series storage that virtualized the existing servers using VMware integration. The client witnessed an increased operational efficiency, reduced downtime and management costs by up to 60 percent.

Syneto shipped its first hyper-converged solutions last year with a view to lap up a bigger part of their clients’ IT environments. With its next planned leap towards a hybrid cloud model, Syneto is bringing public cloud integration for archiving, replication and recovery. One unique integrated software-based hybrid cloud platform with support for containers included.


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Vadim Comănescu, CEO & Partner

Provider of all-in-one private cloud hyper converged storage solutions