Synology: Next-Generation Secure and Reliable Video Surveillance Station

Alex Wang, CEO
Today, there are different IP cameras in the market that can run on Windows servers to manage recordings. However, the major challenges that CIOs usually encounter in the video surveillance landscape are insufficient storage, management, and accessibility. Moreover, it becomes difficult to manage numerous cameras efficiently on one server, which further leads to performance degradation. Well-positioned to address the challenges, Synology provides surveillance and storage solutions that secures business, home, and other environments. “We provide NVR solutions from ‘1-disk options’ to 180 disks as well as the central management function offers capacity, which is not limited to one machine and can be easily expanded – without performance degradation,” begins Alex Wang, CEO of Synology America.

The company’s Surveillance Station is a robust video management system that runs on Synology Network Attached Storage (NAS) and provides an intuitive management interface for watching live feeds, and batch management for camera settings. Synology’s Surveillance Station allows organizations to examine video streams from multiple IP cameras in real time and set up smart analytics tools to monitor suspicious behavior. The company also provides record and playback features that empower organizations to quickly find recordings as well as manage, analyze, and export recorded videos. “Ourtimeline panel enables enterprises to select a date and time, and play back recordings from up to 64 channels con-currently or non-concurrently,” notes Wang. “We also offer reliable and secure mobile device support services along with native vast camera support for over 4000 camera models.”

In addition, Synology Surveillance Station 7.1 contains multicast technology that reduces the workload of the Network Video Recorders (NVR) as well as bandwidth. This allows streaming of video feeds to multiple clients, via a single transmission, allowing security personnel to monitor a live view, from different workstations, without affecting system performance. Furthermore, Synology’s VisualStation VS360HD is a powerful video decoder that can read live camera streams from Surveillance Station or an IP camera, and output to HDMI devices.

We also offer reliable and secure mobile device support services along with native vast camera support for over 4000 camera models

“This product can decode up to 360 FPS at 720p for 36 channels and can be paired with a Synology NVR server for streaming live feeds, or playing back recorded videos,” points out Wang.

In one instance, Synology’s client Troinet, an IT consulting organization needed to empower K-8 Charter School with a new networked video recording and monitoring solution that could centrally manage 150 security cameras positioned around its campus. “The school required a flexible system that could easily scale to add more cameras and provide supplementary viewing options for its active security force,” says Wang. Synology offered Troinet two separate solutions to work in conjunction with one another. “We provided two RackStation RS2414RP+ NAS servers featuring 10 WD Enterprise Class 3TB HDD’s alongside one RackStation RS3614xs+ with 10 WD Enterprise Class 3TB HDD’s,” says Wang. The combined NAS setup optimized performance, reliability, and data protection, providing Troinet’s client with more than three months of video retention and the ability of live viewing cameras through Synology’s mobile apps.

“We have a quick responding engineering team that helps customers to solve critical deployment issues in the field. So, quality and reliability are the highlights of our solutions,” adds Wang. Forging ahead, Synology aims to expand their sales and support teams in order to provide better service to resellers and business users. The company is also planning to enter the router marketin the upcoming years. “And, due to our success in law enforcement, we are looking forward to put more effort in developing our public sector business,” concludes Wang.


Bellevue, WA

Alex Wang, CEO

A provider of intelligent monitoring and video management tools to safeguard important locations of large stores, office buildings, or other environments.