Syntervision: Comprehensive ITSM Wearing Multiple Hats

Greg Elmore, CEO
The story behind the genesis of Syntervision’s flagship offering ‘Oasis’ is a unique one. The founders of Syntervision, who had a broad experience in the IT Service management arena, tried and tested every other ITSM solution available in the market, but a purpose built solution from the ground up was yet to be a reality. In response to this market gap, Syntervision’s founders conceptualized Oasis—a complete, ITIL aligned, customizable, easy-to-implement, end-to-end solution powered by automation that can eliminate the complexities of IT service management. According to Greg Elmore, CEO of Syntervision, “The intent is to make IT invisible to the business. When done properly, IT can speak to the business and can finally explain the importance of services to the business.”

Be it making the real-time data available for the businesses to make decisions or leveraging the appropriate analytics to turn data into information, Oasis works for the smallest mom and pop to largest enterprises with automation placed at the backdrop of both service assurance and service fulfillment. With simple-to-implement and adaptability features, the solution can be leveraged by everyone from service desk employees to executives and makes decision making efficient.

Designed to offer greater scalability and flexibility along with a simple to use interface, Oasis is backed by a configuration management database (CMDB) that stores data concerning each configuration items. Syntervision leverages common information model (CIM) as the de facto scheme for its CMDB. To understand business environment quickly and to include relationships from physical to the application layer, the firm incorporates Agentless-based technology into Oasis. This expands the horizon of the offering and allows it to provide managed as well IT consulting services.

Working in congruence, Syntervision’s Discovery Manager assists Oasis to map business environments to determine the optimal configuration for each business.

The intent is to make IT invisible to the business

It populates the CMDB with the inventory information and keeps it up to date. “In our largest managed environment, we are managing almost 16000 devices globally, which equates to millions of instances managed,” says Elmore.

Once discovery is complete, the next leg of the process begins with the dynamic or manual monitoring of all the devices. During its course, events and data are collected at the configuration item level, i.e., device, memory, process, interface, etc. Afterwards, they are stored in a fast and scalable backend database that allows analysis of current and historical data collected through multi-input data points. Events are then analyzed to find any aberration in the system and provide a quick remedy.

The value proposition of Syntervision proved to be a boon for one of its customers, a large hospital in the state of Michigan that was struggling with the poor performance of their in-house health information system. The IT department of that hospital suggested upgradation of the network infrastructure, however, once Oasis’s real time monitoring solution was deployed, it came to the fore that few database queries were performing poorly. This enabled the hospital to rewrite the calls and eliminate the issue without spending an exorbitant amount on remodeling the network infrastructure.

Numerous such cases share similar stories. These instances testify the fact that Oasis is purpose built to solve business, engineering, and operational challenges that the ITSM landscape has faced over the years. In years to come, Syntervision envisages the rise of Artificial Intelligence and plans to capture the most of this technology. “Artificial Intelligence will begin to build workflows for us. Oasis will become an autonomic system, no longer just monitoring or following the workflow but truly managing the environment,” Elmore concludes.


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Greg Elmore, CEO

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