Systech International: Regulatory Deadlines are Approaching. Are You on the Fast Track to Comply?

Darryl S. Brown, Vice President
In recent years, pharmaceutical companies have faced numerous challenges, stemming from counterfeiting, supply chain security lapses, tampering, gray market diversion (parallel imports), and stringent regulations. The ability to trace individual products through the supply chain and authenticate them is becoming crucial to mitigate risk and ensure reliable product identification. As pharmaceuticals come under greater regulatory scrutiny, companies have realized the significance of implementing product serialization within the supply chain to comply with local legislation. “A drug manufactured in Europe often must conform to various regulations in Germany, India, or China,” says Darryl S. Brown, VP, Global Marketing Systech International. The technology provider in anti-counterfeiting, and serialization, provides authentication with end-consumer engagement options to ensure product track and trace capabilities throughout the supply chain.

“Our solution helps manufacturers uniquely identify, track, and satisfy a ‘pedigree’ requirement to curb counterfeiting issues,” says Brown. With thousands of implementations across the globe, Systech’s UniSeries software solution is specifically built to enhance supply chain security, from the manufacturing line to retail by serializing, tracking, and tracing products. Unit-level traceability of data, coupled with the development of intelligent consumer interface and smart phone technology, arms manufacturers with knowledge of the product’s movement and effectiveness throughout the supply chain. “Data gathered through the deployment of serialization and authentication technologies creates a holistic and unique view of a product’s identity and secures the brand,” asserts Brown.

In addition to required regulations, many actions have been taken to secure global pharmaceutical supply chains from counterfeit product and implementing an anti-counterfeiting technology is just one way manufacturers can protect consumers and address gaps in the supply chain.

To create a competitive differentiation in the market, Systech launched UniSecure™, a universal brand and product protection solution that uniquely identifies and registers any single manufactured product. It then tracks that product throughout the supply chain and authenticates it at any point via mobile app anywhere in the world.

Systech helps manufacturers uniquely identify, track, and satisfy a ‘pedigree’ requirement to curb counterfeiting issues

Jim Lee, Vice President
UniSecure does it by generating a unique identification signature from an existing print mark or a data carrier, such as a barcode. UniSecure captures microscopic variations, detecting specific measurable patterns, and generates an inherent, covert security feature from existing print marks. That unique signature is then stored in the Cloud for future authentication using the app.

“It’s as unique as a fingerprint or a snowflake. It can’t be duplicated, so it can’t be counterfeited. You cannot reverse-engineer the random vibration of a production line or the humidity in a factory on a given day; it can’t be done,” says Jim Lee, VP, Product Management at Systech International.

Issues like counterfeiting and diversion cost brand owners and manufacturers trillions of dollars each year. Those that are willing to invest in and adopt new technologies to secure their supply chain will be better positioned to compete on the new global playing field.

Systech technology is used by regional and global brands across pharmaceutical and life sciences. “For over 30 years, we have delivered innovative business solutions that provide product serialization, track and trace, and now brand protection with our UniSecure solution,” says Lee.

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Darryl S. Brown, Vice President and Jim Lee, Vice President

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