System 1, Inc.: Global Standard for Infrastructure Protection

John Abeles Founder, President & CEO
Industry veteran John Abeles, the founder, president, and CEO of System 1 envisioned the absolute need for information and infrastructure protection decades before “cybersecurity” became a buzzword, and the plethora of security solution options raided the market. He founded System 1 in 1989 as a small business working at a strategic level to bring holistic actionable solutions to its clients. With his vision and an expert team, today System 1 has become a leading cybersecurity and critical infrastructure security consulting firm that provides global consulting services addressing cybersecurity, governance, and risk management challenges of commercial corporations, government agencies, global institutions, and industry groups. “Cybersecurity is something that doesn’t just affect technology but more importantly impacts the way enterprises do business, ensure security and resilience of critical infrastructure, and deliver products and services to their customers. We are technology agnostic and focused on providing our clients with the best-fit cyber-business strategy, future-focused advice, optimized solutions, and real culture change,” asserts Abeles.

System 1 cross-leverages government and commercial client experience to deliver innovative and optimized cybersecurity services. The company helps its clients approach the complex and shifting forces that shape the cyber and broader security and assurance environment by assisting them in identifying their critical leverage points, and developing results-oriented strategies for minimized risk, smarter compliance, better performance, and optimized investments. System 1 addresses the client’s converged risk potential brought about by people, processes, and technology through a focus on strategy and risk management supported by a matrix of governance, policy, planning and cultural change underpinned by communication, coordination, and collaboration processes. System 1 has extensive experience in identifying and minimizing risk, optimizing governance processes, and brokering cost-effective solutions by bridging the gap between theoretical policy and the reality of implementation. System 1 has implemented critical infrastructure protection programs and activities with government and commercial partners involving both physical and cyber assets; achieving highly effective security with business enabling approaches.

System 1 has provided strategic advice, assistance, and efficient solutions to various clients. For instance, System 1 assisted National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) with an innovative approach to cybersecurity maturity assessment called the Program Review for Information Security Management Assistance (PRISMA).

Cybersecurity is something that doesn’t just affect technology but also affects how enterprises do business, ensure security and resilience of critical infrastructure, and deliver products and services to their customers

It provided a structured process and toolset to assess the cybersecurity maturity of an organization with the level of detail required to identify systemic issues, carry out future planning, and maximize return on cybersecurity investment while also conveying results in an easily consumed scorecard for senior leadership. System 1 also participated in the genesis of NIST’s Risk Management and Cyber Security Frameworks. In another case, System 1 worked with the senior leadership of an online data analytics firm to address corporate customers’ concerns regarding data loss prevention. System 1 designed and exercised an incident response program with customized protocols assuring leadership due diligence, customer privacy protection, and investor confidence.

System 1’s experienced team provides timely, high-impact results through an innovative portfolio of services that addresses “information technology” and “operational technology” security. System 1 personnel are management and technical experts who focus on cybersecurity as a mechanism for business advancement and change, based on a fundamental understanding that solutions must create synergies between people, processes, and technology components of the organization. The company has extensive experience across the global energy, health, and financial commercial sectors, as well as, leading US federal agencies and international organizations. It is currently working with strategic partner firms on leveraging AI, deep learning, IoT, and blockchain technologies in cybersecurity defense. Whether it’s information and infrastructure protection in the utility sector, security assessments and exercises for boards and C-suites of venture capital “it” companies, or supporting White House initiatives; System 1 has established itself as a highly-sought boutique consultancy that offers client’s innovative solutions without the high-power consulting firm cost.

System 1, Inc.

Bethesda, MD

John Abeles Founder, President & CEO

System 1, Inc. earned its place as a boutique consultancy creating proactive solutions for assurance and resilience in infrastructure protection. From its inception, System 1, Inc. has since expanded its services in all areas of cybersecurity governance, such as design, implementation, assessment, and improvement, to support major North American energy providers, U.S. Federal Departments, State Government, and industry-leading organizations. We provide strategically, future-focused advising, assistance, and solutions to our clients. The team offers high-impact, cost-effective strategies through an innovative portfolio of services based on extensive functional experience and sector involvement.

System 1, Inc.