SystemicLogic: Improving Business Performance of Assets

Audrey Mothupi, CEO
Today, maximizing the useful life of the various assets, while minimizing operational risks associated with them, are key priorities in infrastructure-intensive industries. Firms need to optimize the investment for maintenance of assets as well as adhere to the various compliance and financial issues. Well positioned to address this rising concern, SystemicLogic, headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa is providing modern enterprise asset management (EAM) solution as well as a test bed to mature concepts into valuable and tangible results. “We have changed the way organizations approach asset management solutions,” says Audrey Mothupi, CEO of SystemicLogic. By leveraging latest trends like mobile computing and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), the company has shifted the focus from managing enterprises’ assets to enhancing security protocols.

SystemicLogic provides an efficient asset management system that encompasses physical storage. “We are primarily focused on designing new EAM business models for the financial service sector. This can also be leveraged by other industries such as retail, manufacturing, logistics, telecommunication and government,” says Audrey. The firm provides highly methodical business relevant solutions that enable the company to drive pertinent thinking across industries. In addition, SystemicLogic delivers cost-effective products that improve utilization and business performance of assets across various sectors in an organization.

“Today a number of standard products provide a good basis for the development of an EAM framework such as eTOM and IIM, but they are not the finished products,” says Audrey. Understanding this limitation, SystemicLogic provides advance cost-effective complete solution provider products such as EAM Intellectual Property Pack that can improve the organization’s overall Return on Assets (ROA). The platform includes frameworks, reference material, and guidelines that can help begin the EAM journey.

The EAM Intellectual Property Pack combined with the expertise of the Asset ‘Advocates’ can elevate the management of assets to a higher level. “Our Asset ‘Advocates’ provide dynamic assistance in the task of achieving effective asset management,” adds Audrey.
The company is implementing minimum-viable-product (MVP) development. Additionally, SystemicLogic facilitates an incubator environment for startups and enterprise teams in order to provide pragmatic solutions for their clients.

In the advisory business, one of the SystemicLogic’s financial services client required a new approach to onboarding clients. The customer operated in a market that was saturated. Moreover, the enterprise needed to acquire new clients while retaining the existing ones. “We helped our client by providing an innovative onboarding facility that can be leveraged from planning to execution and re-framed the perspective across the entire asset lifecycle,” explains Audrey. The architecture and process represented some of the primary foundations of the organization that supported the execution journey and covered regulatory, legal, product and operational patterns that could serve as assets throughout the implementation roadmap.

We provide highly methodical business relevant solutions that enable the company to drive pertinent thinking across industries

In order to achieve more success stories, SystemicLogic employs diverse and highly focused teams that can rapidly solve the customer’s complex issues. Through various projects and interventions over the years, the company has acquired experts in specific domains including innovation, technology, project execution, and people development. Moreover, SystemicLogic understands the mechanism of networking and involves in building, maintaining, and leveraging a network of partners and clients that can act as the base for enabling broader reach across geographies. For the road ahead, the company will concentrate more on innovation that will continue to drive better business results. “Our future lies in a constant deconstruction of our business model, identifying areas to collaborate while finding a balance between current demands and future developments,” Audrey concludes.


Johannesburg, South Africa

Audrey Mothupi, CEO

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