Systemware: Content Management Software for Seamless Enterprise Operations

Frankie Basso, President & COO
It has been more than a decade since Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) entered the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) industry with an aim to establish a benchmark for easier, cheaper, and faster interoperability. Designed through a collaborative process by vendors like IBM, Adobe, EMC, and HP, the standard was poised to offer a simplified way to access unstructured content across ECM systems.

“Unfortuantely, CMIS hasn't met our expections," says Frankie Basso, President and Chief Operating Offcer (COO) at Systemware. "There is a noticeable disconnect between the intended purpose of the standard and what it actually delivers, so ECM analysts and consumers aren’t getting a clear picture of the state of interoperability in our industry."

Headquartered in Addison, TX, Systemware brings ECM software solutions that capture, organize, manage, and deliver the exact information required within the context of business process. Systemware tackles the interoperability issue head-on. By leveraging appropriate technologies, Systemware enables customers to access content from existing customer repositories as a part of an abstraction layer.

Businesses today are eager to individualize their ECM experience. Systemware Content Cloud, an integrated enterprise content network, provides greater control over the data, intuitive accessibility, infrastructure resiliency, and cost efficiencies. Implemented as a hybrid cloud, the Systemware Content Cloud architecture allows customers to build content-centric applications without the need to code one-off solutions. It enables users to create purpose-driven content applications that are capable of unlocking the value of data through intelligent curation, automation, distribution, and lifecycle management. Although Systemware leverages a variety of application and web servers, many of their customers run IBM’s WebSphere application, which gives Sytemware’s customers the ability to leverage a proven environment to run Content Cloud.

Systemware Content Cloud is a hybrid cloud solution that is entirely location agnostic.

Systemware is focused on developing next-generation capabilities in Systemware Content Cloud, which will enable the creation of an intelligent content network

“Many of our customers are long standing IBM z/OS customers who understand the importance of high performance information management solutions,” says Basso. Systemware’s blended approach allows companies to run components on platforms and environments of their choice. Within IBM’s range of solutions, Systemware leverages z/OS, z/Linux, WebSphere, DB2, and JBoss, including IBM’s Linux-only mainframe, Linux One environment.

The ECM industry is seeing an exciting paradigm shift that is altering the way companies view and value information assets. “Our partnership with IBM has provided us appropriate environments to develop, test, innovate, and excel at increasing Content Cloud’s foot-print in the ECM market,” says Basso.

Systemware's innovation stems from the company's dedicated leadership and employees, all of whom are bound by a common appreciation for and commitment to providing the best ECM experience possible. "We are a family united by a shared goal, working passionately to simplify and individualize ECM for each of our unique customers," says Basso. "We believe our business should succeed from the inside out, cultivating a culture that promotes the happiness of our employees that naturally extends to our customers.

"Commenting on the plans for the future, Basso says, “Systemware is focused on developing next-generation technology that enables the creation of an intelligent content network for seamless and secure access to information across enteprises.”


Addison, TX

Frankie Basso, President & COO

Provides ECM software solutions that capture, organize, manage, and deliver the exact information within the context of the business process