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Shrishail Rana, CEO
In the wake of increased surveillance activities, demand for advanced monitoring systems is growing to meet the requirements of the M2M industry. Today, mobile-based observations are necessary for providing real-time video analytics. Industries like logistics and transportation find the need to maintain full visibility of their products and services. However, most solutions that offer live video surveillance through mobile networks consume high bandwidths accompanied by a high latency rate, while providing live feeds. Also, investing in expensive on-premise systems to get high definition videos is not a viable option as it cannot be configured after installation. To unravel this crisis, Observit, an open mobile video management system, has been delivering top notch cloud-based video surveillance solutions to logistics, transportation and numerous other industries that require real-time monitoring. “We have succeeded in developing an automated information system that provides intelligent video monitoring devices integrated in a unified system,” says Lars Flodén, CEO, Observit.

Since its inception in 1995, the company has been providing enhanced solutions for centralized vigilance management. Observit’s Flagship solution, Observit BOT, provides video surveillance in buses, trains, and other mobile objects through a centralized, real-time monitoring system with high quality digital video recording. The Observit BOT uses communication for management and operations, and quick video access. The solution offered by Observit is deployment ready and extremely reliable. Using the Observit BOT, clients have absolute access to high definition videos and images from any location at any time. “The software platforms that we offer inject incremental stability in monitoring operations with effortless maintenance,” says Flodén. Additionally, preservation and configuration of the solution can be done remotely and the recorded material can be obtained using the internet without handling any hardware devices. Some of the other functions offered by Observit BOT include efficient video analysis, support for multiple platforms—qualified for deployment in multiple hardware and software platforms for different needs. Observit BOT is flexible and sustains remote installation of upgrades and patches as well as add-ons and new functions.
Observit BOT’s mobile video management and surveillance system has helped many firms with their monitoring operations through consistent video monitoring. Nobina the leading Nordic-based transport company encountered issues with management and maintenance, while identifying problems within the public transport system. This had a negative impact on their +4000 bus fleet, reducing their operational efficiency. After installing Observit BOT, the transport company was able to optimize their video operations. “We implemented a solution by collaborating with our technology partners to deliver a best of breed solution, which includes important information of the fleet like tracking, usage, eco-drive and more, all efficient monitored,” explains Flodén. A very good example is where fleet owners and insurance brokers have secure instant access to data, from the vehicle. Within minutes of the incident, parties can access all the information from different sources in their own offices. If, after they have viewed the recordings online, both parties agree to proceed with a claim, the files can then be made available to the insurance companies concerned and any third parties involved.

We have succeeded in developing an automated information system that provides intelligent video monitoring devices integrated in unified systems

Moving ahead, Observit aims to increase efficiency of their solutions to make it possible for their clients and partners to increase and leverage the usage of video information. The vehicle data, video and metadata are available securely and online, providing easy integration into efficient M2M solutions. The organization is also working relentlessly on a number of innovations to improve their video analytics solutions with the help of their technology partners.

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Shrishail Rana, CEO

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