SyTrue: Driving Innovation in Healthcare through Data Analytics

Kyle Silvestro, CEO & Founder
With technology advancing to new heights, healthcare is going through a number of changes. Be it a shift in the payment models or a more data driven approach to care delivery with Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), the increasing data influx calls for solutions that can access relevant information via open Application Program Interfaces (APIs) and collaborations—driving downstream outcomes. With their base set up in Chico, CA, SyTrue—a healthcare data analytics company—provides solutions that can transform healthcare into a more accountable and data-centric industry. “By using technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning to improve our analytics accuracy rates, we help healthcare organizations in identifying real-time issues that come up while dealing with patients,” says Kyle Silvestro, President and CEO, SyTrue.

Data from clinical warehouses or EMRs does not necessarily come in a single, readable format, and are often accompanied with headers and footers. Cleaning this data manually, which can also have duplications, is laborious and time consuming. “We provide an end-to-end solutions suite that not only collects the data, but processes and democratizes it. This gives physicians access to interoperable content, enabling them to create value and proactively catalyze change,” notes Silvestro. Also accounting for the variation in language, their solutions accurately identify and extract the pertinent information from over 600,000 physicians and more than 6000 hospitals across the U.S.

Built on a platform which is offered as a service to its clients, SyTrue’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) OS provides a foundational layer with the tools required to use it out of the box. Explaining the functionality of the OS, Silvestro says, “We have created an OS that our partners can use to interact with the technology and build applications on top of it, which can then be accessed by a mass audience with little to no special training.”

Being flexible and scalable, the platform is powered by an open API with modern standards that can process over a billion documents a day, in a timely and accurate manner, liberating content from a previously locked down environment.
SyTrue also provides the Smart Data Platform to index and normalize the available medical data into a standardized format, which can be used for different use cases downstream without the need to read, extract, and populate the data into third party systems. “Smart Data virtually eliminates order entry, allowing physicians to concentrate more on their patients rather than the computer screens,” remarks Silvestro. By tapping into the actionable data for specific use cases, Smart Data is providing tools to develop algorithms that are becoming key to expanding new areas and practice methods in medicine.

The company’s aim to proactively impact the society by introducing disruptive ways of looking at healthcare is reflected in its work with Xerox. The corporate giant implemented SyTrue’s clinical NLP and Smart Data platform for advanced analytics capabilities. “Through our tools like AI and machine learning, Xerox is able to calculate real-time risks and expected patient care outcomes.” This enables them to direct care management decisions for individuals prior to discharge, improving healthcare in a way that positively impacts the society.

Smart Data virtually eliminates order entry, allowing physicians to concentrate more on their patients rather than the computer screens

With a focus toward improving healthcare and creating new standards through accurate and interoperable information, SyTrue works in tandem with startups and other organizations that have the same vision, to push the boundaries of innovation. “The level and speed of innovation happening at SyTrue has put us on track to provide the technology that can change healthcare for the better,” concludes Silvestro.


Chico, CA

Kyle Silvestro, CEO & Founder

Provides healthcare with data driven solutions to improve patient care through advanced data analytics.