T-CETRA: Wireless Payments Redefined

Gus Hashem, CIO and Co-founder
Setup in 2007, T-CETRA has since marked its presence in the payments industry through rendering a gamut of services from payment processing to prepaid wireless activation as well as the web and mobile application development. At the outset, the company’s focus was to offer wireless credit card processing via a technology platform for its end customers in the prepaid market. Though initially T-CETRA’s offering was not widely acknowledged in the market, the company today has been able to raise the bar in terms of its solution innovations and product features. Concentrating on the prepaid wireless industry, T-CETRA works directly with merchants and their distributors extending payment processing and custom software solutions that align with clients’ business.

T-CETRA caters to a number of wireless carriers across the nation by linking them to master distributors for provisioning activation and prepaid product solutions to the indirect channel. More importantly, the company brings in the industry’s first ‘Instant Spiff’ solution on a terminal and web portal that provides quicker, reliable compensation to vendors and merchants for wireless activations. On the other hand, for merchants that do not have access to a web portal or terminal, T-CETRA proffers activation solutions by way of smart phone-based applications and interactive voice responses (IVRs).

Adding value to its solution portfolio is T-CETRA’s proprietary software portal, VIDAPAY that incorporates both domestic and international prepaid airtime, in addition to pin-less long distance, activation, and bill payment solutions. In the words of T-CETRA’s CIO and Co-Founder, Gus Hashem, “VIDAPAY is a solution for merchants to integrate multiple carriers in one platform whereby they can service their end customers.” With this disruptive platform in place, T-CETRA currently oversees more than 90percent of independent multi-carrier wireless merchants nationwide.

Having said that, it is not easy to sift out relevant solutions as each customer’s demand varies. This is where T-CETRA’s lean and agile platform comes in, efficiently aligning its resources to market demands.
“Being agile towards understanding our end customers’ needs is what helps us gain momentum and lends us a competitive advantage,” says Hashem.

Apart from VIDAPAY, T-CETRA also develops smart terminals that enable its team to integrate credit card processing with the prepaid wireless market to build a more connected ecosystem. Using smart terminals, the company facilitates the instantaneous on boarding process of merchants. Once merchants deploy T-CETRA’s terminals, they are validated immediately and can offer services the same day of deployment. By keeping in touch with merchants understanding their pain points, the company is continuing to expand its business model. Citing an example, Hashem explains how T-CETRA aided a client that was facing difficulties with their payment activation. What T-CETRA did was unify the merchant's commission structure with their system so the client could keep track of payments for activation as well as their profit margin on the activation process itself.

Being agile towards understanding our end customers’ needs is what helps us gain momentum and lends us a competitive advantage

Hinging on a customer-focused approach, T-CETRA balances its resources in a way that it can channel them externally to meet carriers’ demand for expansion while also strategizing their own expansion. Meanwhile, the company is supporting clients to explore new avenues—gas stations and convenient stores—that remained uncharted in the past due to issues in the data lines extended to their locations. Ultimately, the team strives to experiment and launch inventive solutions that can bring profitable revenue streams for their customers.


Dublin, OH

Gus Hashem, CIO and Co-founder

Offers wide-ranging services from payment processing to prepaid wireless activation to web and mobile application development