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Christopher Crowe, CEO Today’s socio-cultural system demands people to be online much of the time —to either make financial transactions, work, communicate with peers, market or buy products, or simply store data in the cloud. Especially in the wake of the pandemic, internet connectivity has been the mainspring behind the successful reinforcement of the social and business structure.

Therefore, to say that the invisible border separating the real and virtual worlds has vanished today might be an understatement. Just as the renowned physicist Stephen Hawking put it, “We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain.”

“Our End-To-End Broadband Integrations Are Designed To Address The Most Pressing Challenges In The Internet Paradigm”

The only drawback of this reality is the digital divide, being, being dictated by the different technological possibilities available and what users are can practically use So, on one side of the spectrum, we have highly connected smart cities, on the other, we have communities that are still struggling to have a basic internet connection. A case in point would be the sizeable portion of the rural community around the world that has yet to be connected to the internet. In the U.S. alone, there are almost 42 million Americans that are deprived of the social and economic benefits of a connected society.

The question, therefore, arises: “Is there a way to bridge this divide?”

Indeed! t3 Broadband—a wireless and wireline solution provider—has been working for years to bridge the massive gap. The company is partnering with internet service providers, utilities, municipalities and other stakeholders to build fast and reliable broadband services quickly, economically, and effectively to the underserved and unserved communities.

t3 Broadband was founded on the principle of providing sustainable internet to rural communities. To make that happen, the company actively assists operators and internet service providers (ISPs) with a robust suite of broadband solutions and services to establish versatile internet connections in rural areas. It enables ISP clients to collaborate with market-leading partners and integrate powerful technologies to explore new markets. Besides, t3 Broadband works with hundreds of telcos, cellcos, utilities, and ISPs nationwide using licensed and unlicensed spectrum of wireless as well as wireline products to keep its solutions portfolio relevant amid changing market scenarios. This also helps t3 understand the pain points that operators face today and find better opportunities to develop an optimal mix between wireline and wireless and achieve their corporate goals. Thus, powered by t3 Broadband’s capabilities, operators and ISPs alike are able to deploy and operate broadband networks in a vast range of environments, including the hard-to-reach rural geographies.

The secret behind such customer gratification efforts lies within our company’s engaged workforce

“Our end-to-end broadband integrations are designed to address the most pressing challenges in the internet paradigm,” says Christopher Crowe, CEO of t3 Broadband. With the goal of completely resolving these challenges, the company delivers reliable and cost-effective internet solutions. Its broadband solution portfolio includes fixed wireless access, FTTx,4G and 5G mobile networks, optical solutions, wireline services, and drone capabilities. By utilizing these offerings, the company aims to establish a connected society where every citizen can avail of the benefits that the internet has to offer.

The One-Stop-Shop for Broadband Integration

Broadband is indeed becoming an economic force today that is driving communities forward. “The spectrum of technological innovation in the broadband space right now was unthinkable 20 years ago,” remarks Rob Falkner, CCO at t3 Broadband. The evolution of broadband networks has brought forth a new era in connectivity and unlocked a myriad of opportunities for operators and ISPs, where they don’t have to stick to a single approach to establish internet networks. They can choose from cable, fiber, or wireless technologies depending on their end goals, whether it is enhanced performance or cost-effectiveness in their installations. “This is where we lend a helping hand to customers, helping them choose specific technologies that best suit their economic and broadband objectives,” says Falkner.

Adding to Falkner’s statement, Nathan Stout, CFO of t3 Broadband, reassures, “We take care of every broadband-related concern that our clients may have.” Operators and service providers can count on t3 Broadband right from the beginning of the network implementation process until the end of its lifecycle. The telecommunication specialists at t3 Broadband, backed by their extensive expertise and knowledge, consult with clients and analyze their painpoints and requirements through extensive site surveys and broader network assessments. By leveraging insights from the gathered data, the company supports the deployment of the best-suited technologies and solutions to facilitate a sustainable broadband installation that meets—or often exceeds—the customer’s goals.

After the initial integration and deployment, t3 Broadband provides its clients with industry-leading support, ranging from support, optimization, maintenance, break/fix, or disaster recovery. These services ensure that clients never run into a wall even after the implementation is complete.

Instilling a ‘Customer-First’ Culture

Falkner believes, “The secret behind such customer gratification efforts lies within our company’s engaged workforce.”
The transparent and honest work culture at t3 Broadband motivates its workforce to extend the same etiquette to the customers. The management team at t3 Broadband encourages the employees to engage in healthy and productive debates and utilizes the workforce’s valuable feedback to enhance and improve existing processes. t3 Broadband is an organization that places its stakes on the honest and straightforward back-and-forth with employees. “We don’t believe in constricting creativity. Rather, we seek to establish a culture of curiosity,” adds Falkner.

Even when an employee is working through a personal struggle, everyone else rallies around them and takes over their duties. As a result of such a bond fostered at t3 Broadband, loyalty to the company and its customers has become a defining factor of the workforce. “Our employees have a lot of heart, and they’re always willing to go the extra mile. This is what makes us special,” asserts Stout. Whether it is an employee on the frontline at the customer site or someone working in the backend on invoices, t3 Broadband is always united by a ‘people-centric’ value.

The Tailwind Behind Client Success

As a testament to the company’s personalized partnership approach, several leading network providers have been making a switch to t3 Broadband. Crowe recalls a particular instance when they worked with a top-tier network provider in the industry moving in to using wireless. The customer had talked with several large OEMs but wasn’t able to receive the expected level of personalized support when rolling out their network. That was when they decided to break off from other OEMs and give t3 Broadband a try.

“Our first step was walking them through the entire plan and educating them on how to manage their wireless installation,” mentions Crowe. With its clear-cut approach, t3 Broadband helped the client deploy their network. Additionally, the team at t3 Broadband outlined a workflow that would greatly simplify and streamline the operation of the client’s network. Impressed by the initial results, the client continues to leverage t3 Broadband’s superior skill sets and expertise to deploy their networks and achieve their goals quickly and cost-effectively.

This success story is one among many that t3 Broadband has achieved over the years. Today, t3 is gearing its offerings to help more clients meet the new challenges brought on by the pandemic. As people worldwide have started shifting to remote work and learning, the importance of high-speed internet has started becoming more apparent. In these conditions, t3 Broadband is helping enable seamless connections wherever its customers require them.

At the same time, the company is investing considerably in enhancing its services and catering to the evolving requirements of the broadband market, ranging from the needs of broadband operators in rural space to network giants. “We are well-positioned to meet the current internet revolution as well as those that will follow the pandemic, and we will ensure that none of our customers are left behind,” concludes Crowe.

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Christopher Crowe, CEO and Nathan Stout, CFO and Rob Falkner, CCO

t3 Broadband provides essential broadband access to various communities and facilitates critical economic growth. The company works with hundreds of telcos, utilities, and ISP’s nationwide using licensed and unlicensed spectrum of wireless as well as wireline products. Its telecom portfolio includes 4G and 5G mobile networks, fixed wireless solutions, optical solutions, wireline services, and drone capabilities. Its competitive advantage is continuously researching and evaluating industry products to keep the portfolio relevant to the current challenges. By understanding the pain points that operators face today, t3 finds the opportunities to develop an optimal mix between wireline and wireless to achieve their corporate goals

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