Ta3s: Outcome Assured, End-to-End Product Validation through Test Automation

Sumukha Rao, CEO
An increasingly significant quality driver and an integral component of a successful product / application deployment is test automation. Automated testing guarantees time savings, repeatability, efficiency, maintainability, cost reduction and elimination of software defects in the early stages of product development lifecycle. Besides, “Organizations are moving from traditional delivery models to DevOps, where emphasis on quality is an integral part of the entire application lifecycle. Automated software testing can increase the depth and scope of tests to help substantially improve software quality,” delineates Sumukha Rao, CEO, Ta3s. He continues, “Large enterprises and Fortune 500 customers are moving to niche value-added vendors who specialize in test automation to deliver outcomes. Ta3s' test automation approach comprises of an array of tools, time-tested framework, highly skilled and engineering staff”. With partners in the Middle East, Americas, South Africa, Asia- Pacific and Europe, Ta3s is a solution based service organization providing test automation for functional and regression testing, test framework development across platforms, performance engineering, mobile testing, and test management services. Ta3s ensures quality testing across retail, e-commerce, banking, security, and healthcare, among others. A key component of Ta3s metrics is to bring forth a strong customer centric approach with their Unique Fitment Proposition (UFP). “We asses every customer needs and address their pain by implementing our solutions that fits into customer’s existing processes to evaluate quality assurance across the software development life cycle. We architect robust test frameworks with best practice for successful deliveries,” explains Rao.

Ta3s provides seamless integration into client’s existing environment with automation tool suites, which includes Ta3sALM, Ta3sCrowd, and Ta3sMobility. Culmination of open source and commercial tool-set is Ta3sALM, an end-to-end test management solution that maps automated and manual test cases and executes these tests remotely on Ta3s muti-platform cloud environment. Ta3s enables customer’s request for test automation work on pay per test cases basis through Ta3sCrowd. The company employs skilled freelancers for delivery of test automation scripts in Ta3sCrowd. Ta3s validates the scripts for quality of delivery before sending to customer. They can test the entire products, specific test cases or test scenarios on multi-platform including real mobile devices and register defects across different networks and operating systems.
“This is viable through Ta3sMobility that can execute tests using end user mobiles at night when the device is not being used,” says Rao.

Backed by their comprehensive product set, Ta3s provides clients with best software test automation solutions, reduced test cycle time and improved quality. To illustrate, a renowned healthcare organization which has developed multiple products and services was slowly revamping from a traditional business model to DevOps model wherein they wanted to test new releases on time. With numerous issues in their existing code they were unable to test effectively for every release. Ta3s delivered DevOps and test automation solution, implemented Ta3sALM, and provided continuous integrated test and reporting.

We asses customer needs and address their pain by implementing our solutions that fits into customer’s existing processes to evaluate quality assurance across software development life cycle

Ta3s management team assists customers to enhance their test automation capabilities by offering consultation to comprehend current challenges and increase customer satisfaction. “We map the end goal of customer and show them the entire metrics over a period of time” asserts Rao. “All our resources are hands-on and technical in nature.”

With comprehensive testing tools and resources, Ta3s is collaborating with one of Fortune 500 Technology company to enable develop innovative products and collaborate in the market place. Additionally, during the last two quarters, Ta3s has signed up with four Fortune 500 companies to deliver cutting edge test automation services. The company is strongly focused towards new customer acquition including large organizations, SME and start-ups to provide superior outcome based services.


Bangalore, India

Sumukha Rao, CEO

Ta3s is a solution driven service organization providing functional and regression testing, automated testing, performance engineering, mobile testing, and test management services.