TAAL Tech:Trusted Partner for Globalized Innovation

Prakash Saralaya, CEO
To retain competitive edge, the biggest challenge faced by many companies today is their ability to expand their design force to match the dynamic market needs. The sudden and unpredictable recession or growth, fast changing customer preferences, continuous evolution of technology and processes are driving the need for a fast and agile engineering team. The credible, cost-effective and flexible partnership with an engineering services company is of unique advantage.

TAAL Tech, headquartered in Bangalore, India, sensed this unique need of companies and successfully positioned itself to provide such unique value proposition. Its keen interest to understand needs of each customer and develop an appropriate approach is becoming a winning mantra. The company has grown more than 100% every year, for the last four years.

“Our real differentiator comes through the process and seriousness we adopt in handpicking our engineers and then driving a sense of belongingness and passion in them, by providing a platform for their success and growth. Our team supported by our equally passionate Project Managers and Relationship Managers are the ones who helped us to be successful with every customer we work with” says their CEO, Mr. Prakash Saralaya.

Our success depends on the type of engineers we provide to our customer, the type of relationship we develop and our uncompromising drive to keep up our words

Founded in 2007, today TAAL Tech has a team of 200+ qualified and internationally experienced engineers.
It supports customers from various manufacturing domains, both discrete and process industries.“Most of our customers are from USA or European countries, and most of our team, technology, processes and approach is developed to meet the high demand of our customers. This helped us to provide three critical values to our customers: Capacity, Capability and Cost advantage,” Mr. Saralaya further explains.

TAAL Tech is a one-stop shop for many design & development activities including detailed engineering, concept development, proposal development, design validation using FEA techniques, value engineering and value analysis, sustenance engineering, manufacturing process planning, NC programming, Jigs & Fixture design, etc. The philosophy of the Company is to become a trusted partner for the customer, by providing a dedicated team with the skills needed to support varied services. The team drives continual improvements and high productivity gains, apart from retaining the crucial knowledge and IP. In fact, data protection and IP protection is extremely critical to each of its customer and TAAL Tech’s ISO 27001 (Information Security Management Systems) protocols is another level of guarantee towards building a credible support and infrastructure.

With success in providing engineering services cross mechanical and electronics/electrical domains, TAAL Tech is also supporting its customers in the area of application development, ERP, data analytics and mobility. Most of its customers, though started with engineering, wanted to leverage TAAL Tech in the IT area as well, as they find the same value by expanding the services to newer areas. With increasing cost and margin pressures, it is important for companies to develop such winning partnerships and to develop capacity outside its own boundaries.

“When it comes to leveraging globalised development approach, TAAL Tech is the name to reckon with. We commit and deliver high quality, faster and innovative solutions coupled with cost-effectiveness and productivity,” says Saralaya. He further adds: “Our success depends on the type of engineers we provide to our customer, the type of relationship we develop and our uncompromising drive to keep up our words.”


Bangalore, India

Prakash Saralaya, CEO

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