TABS Analytics: Data Democratization Pioneers

Dr. Kurt Jetta, CEO & Founder
With the vast amounts of data that Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies have at their disposal in the modern computer age, analyzing that information has become big business. However, the often tedious aggregation of a company’s data into usable forms is often a long, drawn-out process that takes time and uses vital company resources. To overcome these obstacles, TABS Analytics, founded in 1998 in Shelton, Connecticut, by Dr. Kurt Jetta, offers outside-the-box market analytics solutions.

TABS Analytics, a leading outsourced sales and marketing analytics firm servicing the CPG industry, aims to give organizations a distinct advantage by providing them with a new way to look at market analytics. Instead of the slow and plodding data crunching of the past, with each bit of data shuffled to its own silo, TABS Analytics, using its TABS Total Insights™ service, combines all of a company’s data together, harmonizing it into a collective whole, and then overlays the data with analytics. This allows a company to more quickly analyze its data and pull out the specific information needed.

The TABS Total Insights software uses proprietary metrics to analyze the client’s marketing information, which brings in all of the data and then overlays metrics, such as price elasticity, and promotion optimization to glean the information needed to make informed and timely marketing decisions. “Ninety percent of the answers I have not only in describing my business but predicting and planning it for the future is in this software,” Dr. Jetta explains.

In addition to its own products, TABS Analytics works with Nielsen, a global information, data, and measurement company, through the Nielsen Connected Partner Program, which enables companies in the CPG industry to better connect and collaborate. For clients of TABS Analytics, this means better, unfettered access to their data and better exposure to all of the different types of data that Nielsen offers.

Data democratization, that’s what we’re doing

In addition to TABS Total Insights and TABS Analytics’ work with Nielsen, the company also offers its TABS WorldView®, which takes the company’s core philosophy of data harmonization and applies it on a global scale. With TABS WorldView Dr. Jetta states that the company “can give the end user the capability to look at India, Indonesia, and Ireland no differently than someone in the U.S. would look at Walmart, Target and Kroger.”

Another CPG solution that TABS Analytics provides features a social media listening algorithm, which allows companies to get authentic feedback on product availability and customer complaints by monitoring responses on social media. The program can even differentiate between promotional posts and actual posts that have to do with product shortages or problems. And further setting the company apart from the competition is TABS Analytics’ cloud-based supply chain forecasting software.

Using out-of-the-box approaches, TABS Analytics rises above competitors with its average item outselling the competition two to one, according to Dr. Jetta. “By speaking a different analytical language, TABS Analytics is able to break through often repetitive data and get traction,” Dr. Jetta says.

In the future, TABS Analytics looks to expand overseas in Europe. And while they service European clients remotely, Dr. Jetta says they can better serve those customers with a presence there. The company is also focusing on improving its harmonization process with an analytics overlay. “We want to facilitate a change to where it shouldn’t be this kind of big project one-off to get trade promotion optimization or price elasticity,” says Dr. Jetta. “Data democratization, that’s what we’re doing.”

TABS Analytics

Shelton, CT

Dr. Kurt Jetta, CEO & Founder

TABS Analytics is a sales and marketing analytics firm that works to simplify and improve the way analytics are done in the CPG industry

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