TACG: Melding BPM Solutions with a Client- Centered Approach

Brian Chaney President
Organizations are constantly on a forward drive to improve, whether it is cutting costs, increasing efficiencies, or keeping up with current technologies. However, while companies may identify an area for improvement, they may not necessarily know how to generate the best solution. To help solve this problem, TACG, a comprehensive professional services firm, takes a client-centered approach to improve customer operations.

With nearly 13 years in the Business Process Management (BPM) arena, Brian Chaney, President of TACG states that they offer BPM solutions, but their focus is, “the human and the process-centered side of the house."

While BPM often revolves around technology interfaces, "we come in and focus on the human side, how solutions are actually going to interact with the staff. The challenges we generally see in this space are not necessarily the technological challenges; it's working the process and ensuring that, from top to bottom, people understand where the impact is and what's going to change in their job," Chaney adds.

Leveraging their ability to provide expert and feasible solutions quickly, reliably, and on target, Chaney states that TACG generally utilizes a form of the Agile methodology. “We come in and quickly assess the top-level strategies, objectives, issues, and problems.” Through this rapid assessment, TACG is able to gain a clear understanding of the organization and any process bottlenecks or inefficiencies their client is experiencing.

“We're going to parse these solution sets into realistic, executable ones and we'll deploy those so they can provide measurable results to the customer. BPM is unique in the fact that you can solve a problem very, very quickly,” says Chaney.

TACG has many clients that are government departments or agencies, which benefit from TACG’s multiple process improvement certifications and approaches.

We try to be the stewards of our customers' money, whether they're commercial or governmental entities

“Those kinds of quick-hit, prototype Agile methodologies have actually tied in really well with our ISO-9000 process methodology and our links with Six Sigma,” he continues.

Clients also benefit from TACG’s multiple vendor partnerships. “We have great partnerships with most of the core BPM vendors, as well as technology vendors from Oracle to IBM to OpenText. We do, in some cases, utilize tools that are not necessarily core to us, because they may be faster or better or more sustainable for the client,” Chaney states. “This approach really helps our customers because it can significantly reduce the cost and complexity of individual systems.”

One way TACG measures their success is through the long-term relationships they have with customers, a connection stemming from their client-centric approach. “We try to be the stewards of our customers' money, whether they're commercial or governmental entities,” he says.

The organization also thrives in their unique company culture and work approach. When Chaney came to the company along with TACG’s main owner, Alaska Native General Services (ANGS), the business entity of the Native Village of Eyak, he says, “We looked at trying to be disruptive in this IT consulting space by creating a company where we want the best people, no matter where you are or how you like to work.”

This approach is advantageous to both TACG’s employees and clients. “We've won multiple best places to work awards, and have grown almost 400 percent over the last three years. That growth model is continuing. It's quite fun to see our clients extremely happy with our services,” Chaney says. “We are excited to continue this upward momentum.”


Dayton, OH

Brian Chaney President

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