TachTech: Tailored Approach to IT Services

Kyle Rosenthal, CEO
According to Kyle Rosenthal, CEO, TachTech, technological innovation is a critical denominator for sustainable competitive edge in businesses today. The zest to instill this attribute in businesses was precisely the principle on which TachTech was founded. “TachTech is a next generation service provider built from the ground up to leverage the exponential innovation curve,” says Rosenthal. At its core, the firm has been striving towards meeting the growing demand in three key areas: information security, automated or optimized hybrid infrastructure, and global logistics. TachTech has earned its place on Inc Magazine’s prestigious fastest growing private companies list for the past three years in row, this badge of honor highlights a growing appetite for TachTech’s services.

Regardless of the size of the companies today, security of information assets is a pressing need to ensure business continuity. “The cloud is responding too slowly to security concerns. Meanwhile, IT leadership has been grappling with security concerns related to digital transformation that demands specialized knowledge and approaches,” stresses Rosenthal. At a granular level, the firm is poised to deliver the unparalleled customer service, technical expertise, and IT business knowledge required to address both the challenges of running internal IT and delivering robust cloud scale applications.

Adding to this, the firm’s relationship-driven approach plays a pivotal role in establishing and supporting the long-term strategic collaboration between clients and their vendors. “For example, when a large global financial services firm needed advanced security and performance monitoring capabilities, we brought an emerging vendor to the table, and helped both parties test and adapt a solution to meet the client’s specific needs,” delineates Rosenthal.

TachTech’s team comprising of information technology veterans is committed to beef up application performance, and is building an increasingly rich portfolio of managed and professional services. The firm’s prowess to deliver innovation is etched in the areas of network, storage, security, and virtualization. The company offers custom technology solutions ensuring high performance, secure application delivery, and sustainable competitive advantage.

“TachTech gains unique perspectives, valued recognition, and access to communities of interest that are focused on defining and progressing state-of-the-art practices.

TachTech gains unique perspectives, valued recognition, and access to communities of interest that are focused on defining and progressing state-of-the-art practices

We listen carefully to our clients and design the best available solution for each of our client’s issues,” states Rosenthal. Reflecting on the firm’s specialized knowledge and approach, it is not surprising that renowned names like Cisco, VMware, Dell, Palto Alto Networks, Carbon Black, NetApp, Nutanix among others have developed strategic partnership with TachTech for delivering custom solutions. The firm’s strategic alliance with VMware effectively meets the need of high availability and failure prevention while delivering client’s large-scale applications cost effectively.

The ability to scale and grow hybrid elastic hybrid infrastructure in real-time is an imperative for companies delivering large scale applications. This holds true for one of the companies that TachTech assisted in meeting its world-class application demands. TachTech’s team stepped-in to complete cost analyses, vendor negotiations, and technical enablement for a leading Internet media services client to deploy a Cisco UCS, NetApp, and VMWare powered solution at a comparative cost to white box OpenStack solutions. TachTech also leads clients down OpenStack and microservices routes when the requirements fit the appropriate solution.

Driven by the shared passion of ushering in the envelope of new technologies in businesses, TachTech looks forward to continue investing in growing its capabilities for accelerating innovation. “TachTech is committed to delivering value in communities, and a relationship-driven approach resulting in satisfied clients who benefit from high quality, high trust relationships,” concludes the CEO.


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Kyle Rosenthal, CEO

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