Tadpull: Scaling Direct to Consumer Ecommerce on NetSuite

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E-Commerce represents one of the most profitable sales channels for businesses today. With Millennials and Gen-X’ers increasingly driving purchasing decisions in B2B and B2C, companies must adapt to delivering an Amazon like shopping experience. That means smart recommendations, just in time inventory availability and the ability to recognize their best customers and reward their loyalty.

Unifying all this data and simplifying the insights poses a big challenge for many mid-market companies given a lack of technical talent and vast complexity of online marketing. However, utilizing machine learning and integrating data tools allows the visionary companies to redefine the digital experience for their shoppers and in the process boost their sales and profit.

To this end, Tadpull, a Montana-based software company, is helping e-commerce companies around the globe unlock the NetSuite platform to scale profitable traffic to their digital properties and convert visitors into brand loyalists. Tadpull’s e-Commerce Data Pond software enables companies to orchestrate the big opportunities across digital marketing campaigns, customer behavior, and inventory to increase sales and bottom-line significantly.

The company uses a three-part framework to deliver its solution to customers—Unify, Simplify, and Amplify. “We achieve 10-35% growth for our clients in three simple steps: first, we unify all the data in one place; next, we simplify it with a variety of statistical models, and finally, we amplify it out across the organization in real-time to take advantage of opportunities the data presents to drive growth,” explains Jacob Cook, CEO, and President at Tadpull.

Here’s how the software works: data from various channels is ingested such as social media platforms, SEO, email, online ads and finally ERP data from NetSuite. Next, the software pairs first-party data based on site behavior, similar to what Amazon and Google collect, to identify who the best customers are and how they buy. Over time, the software learns these patterns and can automate online campaigns to acquire and retain the most profitable customers using a custom lifetime value model for each company.

Having all the data residing in one platform, regardless of the source, allows amazing insights to surface. For example, did that Instagram ad campaign send us customers with a high Net Promoter Score? Or did last year’s sizing run leave us with poor inventory?

These are tricky questions that can take an analyst weeks to collect and comb through the data to find the answers.
However, by leveraging A.I and machine learning for identifying patterns this can be done on the fly. As such, relevant notifications for facilitating enhanced decision-making and orchestrating real-time digital marketing and inventory strategies can be implemented. “This way, we identify highly valuable customers and products to help companies lower their acquisition costs and effectively turn inventory,” elaborates Cook.

What distinguishes Tadpull from other competitors in the market is a combination of its intellectual property driven by its staff’s in-depth level of expertise and skill in the space of e-commerce finance, digital marketing and data science. The company is the only globally certified commerce partner with NetSuite for digital marketing strategy and user experience combined with a Built for NetSuite software application.

To illustrate, Cook cites a case study, where a client on no growth at all in their e-commerce business for the past five years. Tadpull implemented its latest software and ran its algorithms to help the client leverage Netsuite’s Suite Success product. Post collaboration with Tadpull, the client experienced 19% percent growth the following year in e-commerce. The company counts some of the world’s most admired brands in its portfolio including Jackson Hole Resort, Kickstarter, Outdoor Research, MYSTERY RANCH, and Caterpillar.

In recent years, as more consumers go online to shop, Amazon—using its lower-price model and vast warehouse network—is disrupting the small and mid online retailers market. With smaller businesses fighting back to compete for their share, Tadpull has experienced exponential growth and has found opportunities to work with private equity investors, who seek a “single source of truth” to run all their e-commerce operations and cost-effectively scale their portfolio. “As we like to say, David had a rock and a slingshot to win against Goliath which is Amazon today. And we see the rock and slingshot in that parable as data and artificial intelligence,” concludes Cook.


Bozeman, MT and Boise, ID

Jacob Cook, CEO and President

Tadpull, a Montana-based software company is helping e-commerce companies unlock the NetSuite platform and e-commerce to scale profitable traffic to their digital properties. Tadpull’s e-Commerce Pond software enables companies to leverage data from its customer, digital marketing and inventory datasets to significantly increase sales and the bottom-line