Tagrem Corp: Proffering Business Critical Solutions via Oracle

Stuart Green, President
With the evolving technology, modern cloud computing is helping firms seize new business opportunities and innovate faster. Presenting the most comprehensive portfolio of integrated cloud solutions for business, IT, and development needs today is Oracle. The IT giant not only eliminates the complexity that stifles business innovation, but also engineers in speed, reliability, security, and manageability. Oracle’s industry-leading cloud-based and on-premises solutions give customers complete deployment flexibility and unmatched benefits. Helping organizations reap the profit by using Oracle supported platforms is San Diego, CA based Tagrem, a modern technology services company solving problems in sales, marketing, and service automation. “With a large development team in four time zones, Tagrem builds software for the web and mobile—either custom, on top of the Oracle platform,” says Stuart Green, CEO of Tagrem Corp.

An Oracle Gold Partner, Tagrem specializes in Oracle Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Service Cloud, alongside providing add-ons to the Oracle products filling the gaps in functionality that some of the customers find. According to Green, Oracle has assembled the Marketing Cloud vision for the enterprise that is far superior to other organizations and Tagrem through the software empower the clients’ business. “Tagrem facilitates marketers to spend more time thinking about what they want to communicate instead of how, through the Oracle marketing cloud,” adds Green.

Oracle Eloqua, Responsys and BlueKai compliment the Marketing cloud. Eloqua integrates information from cross-channel with data management enabling marketers to deliver personalized customer experiences. “Our Eloqua support service reduces the time it takes an organization to realize its benefits. As we complete an engagement, the clients become self sufficient while navigating Eloqua without a hiccup,” asserts Green.

Oracle Responsys empowers marketers to deliver more relevant, real-time interactions across email, mobile, social, and web experiences. The Oracle BlueKai product provides the insights into every individual customer that ties the right message to the appropriate customer on time.

Tagrem facilitate marketers to spend more time thinking about what they want to communicate instead of how through the Oracle marketing cloud

“It’s the power of these insights that sets the Oracle Marketing Cloud apart from the rest, and we use these technologies to help customers improve their marketing quality, ” explains Green.

The company also offers value added services alongside the purchase of software. As Green states, “Buying software is the easiest part of taking transformational technology into the enterprise. The implementation, training and business process re-engineering is what determines the success or failure of the transition.” Green along with his team of implementation specialists creates that difference required by helping the customers gain maximum value from the executed Oracle technology. The company also proffers sales and service automation services providing customer and field service organizations with the tools the clients’ need to do their jobs in any of the mediums that they want to interact today.

Green observes with the growing culture of outsourcing, customers subcontract their call centers to third parties. “But the customers fail to realize that once they start using the call center’s service it becomes difficult to move or adapt another solution as they have become dependent or bound by contract,” he explains. “With Oracle Service Cloud and a cloud based phone switch we unshackle our customers and enable them to easily move call centers as they see fit.” The Tagrem and Oracle partnership is the right combination of software and technology expertise to make an organization’s transition smooth and beneficial from day one. “We will continue to grow, add staff across the U.S. and around the world to service the global needs of our customers,” concludes Green.

Tagrem Corp

San Diego, CA

Stuart Green, President

A technology consulting and marketing communications firm providing automated marketing solutions for solving problems in sales, marketing, and service automation