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Chitra Chandrashekar, COO
In times when the Internet of Things (IoT) is rendering everything “smart” from stoplights to automobiles, the term “things” barely reflects the profundity of this trend. In fact, the “Internet of Things” is soon becoming the “Internet of Everything” bringing together people, things, processes, and data. According to Arvind Shanker, Director-Cloud ERP, Takashi, cloud computing and IoT are no longer the future of technology, but they are the present. However, Shanker also adds that a sizeable challenge that currently assists the implementation of cloud applications is data management. This includes processing and consolidating of vast data assets after receipt by organizations. With multi-technology domain expertise in onsite and offshore development, the company offers robust services in data management, application management, enterprise solutions, and quality assurance. The company heavily focuses on cloud and enterprise resource planning (ERP) and offers strategy consulting and a wide range of solutions in the areas of Salesforce, NetSuite, and Oracle.

Takashi’s enterprise solutions portfolio includes a wide array of services from selection implementation, post-implementation support and development to data management services. According to Shanker, while technology offerings in the market assure seamless transitions, it is time-consuming for organizations to maintain and enforce an overall architecture. This is where Takashi steps in with their packaged ERP applications that span across a wide range of industry and sectors. “To ease the process of solution implementation, our company offers templates that can be easily populated by clients or engineers at Takashi,” remarks Chitra Chandrashekar, COO, Takashi.

In one case, Takashi helped a client improve their project success rate by establishing an ideal project management solution. Takashi opted for a client facing model and moved the client from Microsoft Dynamics to NetSuite. Often clients run into a project and face unforeseen problems related to software costs and time schedules. With Takashi’s resources, the client could effectively streamline their budget and save fifty percent of their expenses. Takashi helped the client understand NetSuite and took charge of complete resourcing in terms of developer and data migration.

To ease the process of solution implementation, our company offers templates that can be easily populated by clients or engineers at Takashi

Shanker explains that despite organizational changes with NetSuite, the client could bridge gaps in their professional services.

In addition to enterprise solutions, Takashi also offers staffing solutions. Since the biggest barrier in materializing a sound business objective is the availability of technically qualified resources to support project initiatives, Takashi provides project management staffing which includes highly experienced professionals. Takashi engages in extensive groundwork to evaluate employees and ensures they are a right match for a client’s technical requirement, strategy goals, IT initiatives, project timing, and corporate culture.

For maximum client benefit, Takashi also invests in online and class training. After closely studying employee interests, the company encourages its employees to conduct training. This helps the company to focus on value-added services such as community development and networking.

In the coming years, Takashi is contemplating an expansion in The East Coast of the US. Besides, the organization will also develop partnerships, with companies dealing in hardware, to come up with robust products and solutions. With a strong global delivery model in place and with offices already in India, Takashi plans on further expanding in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. “Currently when it comes to IoT, our biggest focus is to build a complete solution on a platform. When the right mix of hardware, software, and people come together, the result is a zero-defect solution. We see ourselves as the next Salesforce in IoT,” ends Shanker.


Fremont, CA

Chitra Chandrashekar, COO and Arvind Shanker, Director-Cloud ERP

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