Talend [NASDAQ: TLND]: Revolutionizing Data-driven Businesses

Mike Tuchen, CEO The action-packed morning of July 29, 2016 was more than an onset of Silicon Valley’s power-packed second tech IPO of the year. As the ‘TLND’ trade symbol flashed on the ticker-tape at the Nasdaq’s dramatic video tower overlooking New York’s Times Square, Talend [NASDAQ: TLND]—a data management software company—proudly marked a milestone of going public. Despite residing in a time with one of the thinnest tech IPO seasons, Talend made a strong debut with a solid first-day spike of over 50 percent in its stock, underlining its unique and hard to replicate approach for data integration.

"The quality, performance, and unconventional approach are what ignite its innovation and distinctiveness, both at a technological as well as business level"

Before long, the company got recognized by Gartner as a “leader in data integration” for its Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools report 2016, adding yet another feather to its cap. “For the first time in five years, the Magic Quadrant for Data Integration has a new company positioned as a leader,” says Mike Tuchen, CEO, Talend. “We’re very proud of this achievement, which I believe is representative of the broader shift taking place in the market with the introduction of new cloud and big data platforms. Talend has fully embraced these technologies and today offers a compelling solution for organizations looking to become data driven.” In pursuit of this, Talend offers user-friendly set of data integration tools for ingesting, masking, cleansing, and profiling data for driving business related decisions in a rapid and real-time fashion.

Connecting the Data-Driven Enterprise

Accentuating the underpinnings of a data-driven enterprise, Tuchen stresses, “We’re living in an increasingly data-driven world; a world in which winners and losers across all industries are being determined by how effectively they leverage data. It’s due to the rise of intensely data-driven companies across all sectors of the economy that are changing the rules of the game.” In an era where merely leveraging the state-of-the-art technologies does not define victory, Talend plays a pivotal role in allowing companies to harness the hidden potential of their data with its innovative open source integration software. The firm assists organizations in forking out data insights to their employees, customers, partners and suppliers in lieu of handing it over to a panel of data analysts. In doing so, Talend allows decision makers to catalog, curate, cleanse, and shape data from anywhere at any time with self-service tools to quickly transform data into real business value.

Today, the data integration global market is at a major crossroad in terms of the volume, complexity, and types of data. Addressing this conundrum, Talend has built a fast and cost-effective way to integrate data and applications ranging from on-premise to cloud systems, from Hadoop to NoSQL, sensors and other disparate sources across an organization.
Built on an open and scalable architecture, Talend Data Integration software is a modern data platform bolstered with graphical tools and wizards that allow seamless integration tasks 10 times faster and at 1/5th the cost of other software available in the market.

We’re living in an increasingly data-driven world–a world in which winners and losers across all industries are being determined by how effectively they leverage data

The strength of Talend’s solution emanates from its capabilities to integrate at big data scale, faster than hand coding and in a cost effective manner compared to other proprietary tools. Considering the fact that Business Intelligence and analytics get better with deeper insights, Talend provides with over 900 components and connectors and data governance controls to its clients. These connect data across CRM, ERP, and web applications, on premises and in the cloud, giving a single-pane view of the entire portfolio of data.

The firm’s solution comprises of features like Talend Studio for designing data integration jobs with a drag and drop user interface. The platform also allows speedy development and deployment of data integration jobs with continuous delivery methods, shared repository, and self-service data preparation. Their web-based administration console enables seamless deployment and management while scaling up with a high availability environment, advanced clustering, and virtual servers. The firm’s enterprise-ready solution provisions an open and scalable architecture with Open Studio for Data Integration. Talend’s open source products and open architecture allow customers to deal with integration challenges in their own way with unparalleled flexibility.

In addition to this, Talend has devised Data Fabric—a single modern integration platform to increase agility and accelerate time to market. The Data Fabric connects all of the systems together, meanwhile stopping fraud, increasing retention, personalizing offers, predicting insurance risks, optimizing crop yields, maximizing cross-sell, and empowering clients to drive their business innovatively. With Data Fabric, companies can design and collaborate, transform and mediate their data run anywhere on cloud or on-prem at any speed and at any scale with self service. The platform enables users to work with high volumes of data, at high velocity. Besides, the firm’s Master Data Management (MDM) consolidates all data into a single, actionable “version of the truth” that assists in analytics for creating a single view of the customer and accelerating data-driven insights across the business.

Catering to diverse needs of a client’s project and budget, Talend’s data integration solutions are available with various feature sets and licensing options. In the thick of all the features available, Talend’s single solution that comprehensively caters to integration needs is what catches the attention of customers worldwide.

Open Source, Community-Driven Approach

Talend platform was found with an intuition that information management would be the cornerstone of the corporate information systems. With a zest to challenge the legacy, monolithic IT solutions from bellwethers, the team at Talend demystified the rising demand for accurate and specific data along with addressing the two factors of paramount importance—affordability and seamless deployment. “Confronted with firmly established vendors developing proprietary and thus closed approaches, we put our money on disrupting the established order, reigning technologies, business models, and market positioning. Contrary to the practices at the time, we chose to align ourselves with open source and a distributed rather than centralized architecture,” states Bertrand Diard, Co-founder, Talend.

This particular approach driving agility and flexibility has provided Talend a definite edge over other market players. The open source architecture keeps customers’ projects out of vendor lock-in with the availability of diverse community-driven complementary solutions.

Tuchen firmly believes that open source, working as a disruptor in to existing markets, can reap lucrative benefits in terms of R&D spend. Besides being a natural marketing enabler, open source, in most cases, appeal to users who upgrade to an enterprise subscription in the course of time. Evidently, the CEO’s approach toward leveraging open source has been for creating a business and not a business model. On the face of it, there is a swaying rationale as to why Talend’s integration solutions assist over 1,300 customers worldwide, including FORTUNE 100 healthcare, manufacturing, consumer products, and financial services companies. Recently, when CenterLight Healthcare—a provider of healthcare services—was looking to assign data tasks encompassing its 13,000 members across New York, it quickly settled on Talend’s Data Integration solutions. Working in close partnership with Talend allowed the client to have a holistic view of its members, data coupled with Business Intelligence that allows them to identify members likely to un-enroll in the near future. With Talend, CenterLight can leverage hidden data patterns for predictive analytics to efficiently plan patient assessment timelines and avoid repeat assessments.

An Eye on the Future

Born on the outskirts of Paris in 2005, Talend is a renowned name in the field of data integration today. The quality, performance, and unconventional approach are what ignite its innovation and distinctiveness, both at a technological as well as business level. The firm assists clients to liberate their businesses from the imposed technological confines of proprietary and unaffordable solutions to explore the realm of open source for quickly adapting their business in a more connected world. The firm has invested more than a decade pioneering open source approach to evolve as a leader in the data integration space. Under the leadership and ethos of someone from Tuchen’s pedigree, Talend is bringing in a business revolution with its leading integration software. Surging forward, the Talend’s Winter '17 release, focusing on real-time and big data technologies, looks forward to rolling out a new data stewardship app that can transform the data lake into qualified, clean data.


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Mike Tuchen, CEO

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