Talent Rover: Enhancing the Recruitment Industry with Effective Services

Kent Gray, CEO
Modern day CIOs are careful in selecting vendors – they gravitate towards brand names, which can be disadvantageous for young companies. This is because of the result of cloud providers taking on the burden of performance, security, and compliance and freeing CIOs to focus more on innovation and business results. Salesforce has helped Talent Rover address that challenge. “They are the world leader in the cloud business, and they have enabled us to leverage the IT resources of a multibillion company. Due to this, we can serve CIOs from any staffing or recruitment business, whether it is a local firm or multinational enterprise,” begins Brandon Metcalf, COO, Talent Rover.

Talent Rover is a cloud based software as a service (SaaS) company, which provides solutions to modernize the staffing and recruitment industry. The firm is a Salesforce OEM Partner, and its solution is natively built Salesforce application. “This gives our clients security, scalability, international reach, and true mobility,” says Metcalf. With Talent Rover, a recruitment firm can open new offices anywhere in the world and connect their associates to the same recruitment platform. “The company’s team can handle 20 languages, 100 currencies, and labor regulations in any country,” says Metcalf.

“Salesforce enables us to be everywhere our clients need us to be, and this helps us in providing an ease of doing business, which legacy recruitment solutions do not offer,” delineates Metcalf. The company does this by empowering customers to contemplate their data, make informed decisions, grow their businesses, and gain competitive advantage. Talent Rover combines the essentials a staffing firm needs into one platform. The company gives recruitment leaders a way to analyze their performance and strategy in real-time.
Talent Rover platform makes staffing and recruitment software the way it should be: simple, mobile, and devoted to increase efficiency and profitability across the entire workflow. With the help of Talent Rover, clients are able to manage the sales process in a better way with less hindrance. This further helps to recruit candidates, submit them to clients, arrange interviews, manage offers, make the placement, and produce timesheets easily. This has allowed Talent Rover users to generate an invoice without even leaving the platform or reentering data. “We make the process easier for staffing and recruitment firms,” says Metcalf.

Talent Rover prides itself on its platform and its capability to innovate, which lacks in their competitors. “We learn from the feedback we get from our customers and accordingly frame our strategies for the forthcoming projects,” explains Metcalf on their differentiating factors. Talent Rover has been helping various companies to overcome challenges and attain desired outcomes with its innovative array of solutions. For instance, the company benefitted Spring Professional, a subsidiary of Adecco Group, by providing solution that unified their entire organization which included migrating and normalizing all the data from their legacy solution. In this way Talent Rover was able to standardize their workflows and training, analyze performance, and improve strategy with dashboards, and ultimately increase speed to placement.

We make the process easier for staffing and recruitment firms

Talent Rover has a different picture about their graph of growth—for them, growth is about meeting customers demand. In order to meet those demands, the company is taking various initiatives. The latest initiative is the release of a special edition of Talent Rover designed for healthcare staffing.

Talent Rover

San Francisco, CA

Kent Gray, CEO and Brandon Metcalf, COO

A Salesforce OEM Partner and a cloud based software as a service (SaaS) company which modernizes the staffing and recruitment industry.