Talis Clinical: Enhancing Perioperative Events and Ensuring Safe Patient Care

Gary Colister, President & CEO
Creating innovative solutions to support patient safety, while also providing compliant clinical documentation, has been the goal of many Health IT companies. To achieve this, technology has to leap frog the traditional big box Electronic Health Record (EHR) deficits with true innovation in design, workflow and functionality.

Talis Clinical, a Cleveland based HIT start-up, is delivering technology to one of the most complex care settings that exists–induced paralysis under anesthesia. “The focus of Talis’ endeavors is to operationalize decision support, overcome interoperability challenges, and provide superior anesthesia workflows to positively impact perioperative outcomes,” according to Gary Colister, President and CEO. Talis supports this intricate care model by delivering an integrated approach that bridges the communication challenges among all the caregivers involved from the time the surgical decision is made, through post-operative recovery.

The technology imbeds an “engine”, Advanced Clinical Guidance, allowing physicians to build and incorporate configurable multi-parameter risk stratification algorithms. These tools are inherent throughout Talis’ platforms, such as ACG-Anesthesia™, an intuitive anesthesia information management system (AIMS). This solution tightly couples documentation of care with clinical and operational decision support, upholding the delivery of safe patient care, anesthesia management and medico legal compliant billing.

With extracted EHR and surgical scheduling data, ACG accesses patient history, conditions, and proposed procedure information, and delivers a single-screen summary of appropriate care protocols and relevant risk factors that may impact the anesthetic plan. This information is presented to the physicians and nurses via the ACG-Provider Portal™, a web based platform accessible securely on any portable device.

“The portal is a way for us to bring the care team together,” states Gary. “Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for clinicians to stream data and run it through the optimization engine.”
ACG vigilance continues through the intraoperative and postoperative phases of care. In addition to the point-of-care AIMS, Talis provides ACG-Remote View™, allowing surveillance for physicians overseeing multiple cases involving Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists or residents. The physician is notified if there is a detection of deteriorating patient conditions, or if a treatment modality is not administered. At a touch of their mobile device, real-time case events and live view wave form data are displayed. Talis developed a medical device integration solution to capture and transmit complete patient monitoring data with low latency and minimal bandwidth requirements.

Our solutions have a userfriendly interface that ensures safe patient care and healthy participation in the hospital eco-system

RemoteView surveillance extends into the PACU and ICU, where ACG guidance can keep all clinical team members appraised of patient conditions. Algorithms assessing physiological monitoring data notify the physician in the event a patient experiences an adverse event. Automated calculation of scores for recovery and readiness for discharge helps improve throughput and improve patient satisfaction.

Talis Clinical is passionate about helping clinicians enhance patient care by avoiding process breakdowns and providing easy-to-use tools. The company is on a never-ending road to benefit its clients and ensure safe patient care in perioperative events using technology. The rich data-collection capabilities of Talis enable a spiral of continuous improvement, whereby techniques are constantly advanced in order to achieve better outcomes.

“Down the road, we see Talis Clinical as a complete solution provider for perioperative services,” says Gary. “We have a good start with leading edge technologies and great developers to help us achieve our mission,” he concludes.

Talis Clinical

Cleveland, OH

Gary Colister, President & CEO

A Cleveland based health tech start-up that supports patient care, while positively impacting the clinicians and providers.