Tangentia: Boutique Consulting for the Omni Channel Enterprise

Vijay Thomas-Founder & Partner
A Berkshire Hathaway fan, Vijay’s hobbies include stock picking which has had an impact on some of his business strategies as well. As Founder & Partner at Tangentia, he says, “Like the so called Berkshire stock picks gaining steadily in the long term, likewise our consulting practices – be it Security, eCommerce or EDI are focused on long-term business gains and deep customer relationships” he reasons. The name Tangentia came about because of a belief that the initial team members of Tangentia had, that non-core business processes around a customer’s core business process can and should be outsourced. This area which is where all the tangents (lines perpendicular to the radius) are found and it is what they called “Tangentia” and they now have a trademark for that term.

Speaking about the retail sector’s technology challenges, Vijay says, “The CIOs in the retail sector have one of the toughest jobs out there, keeping up with fast changing customer requirements, flexible Omni-Channel strategies, and as is evident by some of the news over the last few months -the need to ensure that a customer data breach does not happen.”

As a premier partner of IBM, Tangentia implements the WebSphere Commerce, Sterling Order Management and Sterling B2B Integrator—the leading Omni-Channel platform to support retail’s Omni-Channel shift. “Having built a very good delivery model for each of these products, we created an offering called 360° Commerce. It’s an end-to-end solution sold in conjunction with IBM’s Smarter Commerce suite of products” elaborates Vijay. As an extension of this Omni-Channel business, Tangentia also has their own SaaS ( Software as a Service), cloud based outsourced EDI/ B2B solution offering called Tangentia Commerce Gateway (TCG),used by 1000+ companies worldwide which is the company’s flagship product costeffective cloud EDI managed services.

Our product offering for Retail called 360° Commerce helps customers from idea to execution to operations, ensuring that they achieve their Omni-Channel transformation

A successful case study is a regional furniture retailer in North America who was actually losing money on eCommerce. Tangentia consultants found out that the main reason was the fact that there were not enough choice for the customer. The only SKU’s (stock keeping units) available on the Commerce site were those that could be shipped from the retailers’ warehouse and that was around 3000 in number and the retailer did not want to increase their SKU count as more inventory would mean more costs. “We initiated direct vendor delivery which released cash and they invested some of that money into a better online experience and listed 30,000 SKUs. We integrated the front end website with vendors and also with various 3PL’s and shippers like Canada Post & FedEx. With live inventory and shipping information straight from the vendor, their ecommerce saw a 40 percent spike in the first year of implementation,” states Vijay.

“Being nimble, we understand customer’s needs quickly and work within tight budgets to create tailor-made solutions,” says Vijay. With offices in India, U.S., and Canada, the company offers a global delivery model, but with a focus and expertise of a boutique firm and that’s how their customers know them –“Global Boutique IT Consultants.”


Toronto, ON

Vijay Thomas-Founder & Partner and Feite Kraay-Partner-Commerce Solutions Ajit Mahuli-Partner-Tangentia AppWorks Akin Pandit-Manager-Global Solutions

Provides Boutique IT Consulting & Outsourcing Solutions especially around e-Commerce, EDI/ B2B and Enterprise Security.