Tangoe [NASDAQ:TNGO]: Accelerating Digital Transformation

Jim Foy, CEO
Much of today’s enterprise mobility is driven by the mobile workforce that demands more flexibility without having to sacrifice privacy and control. The growing user expectations are posing new challenges for IT professionals in terms of enterprise mobile management. “Recently, we conducted a research that sheds an important light on the pressure that internal IT staffs face with the growing complexity of managing an ever-expanding remote and diverse work space,” states Jim Foy, CEO, Tangoe. The survey showed more than 50 percent of IT staff who oversee and manage mobile devices as part of their job responsibilities do their jobs completely by themselves. Foy believes that by leveraging the right technology, organizations can transform their mobility strategies while reducing costs and increasing efficiency and productivity. To that end, Tangoe assists clients in accelerating digital transformation success by ensuring their mobile and network infrastructures are always sound and manageable. “Our goal at Tangoe has always been to make even the most complex mobile scenarios easy to manage by providing industry leading mobility management services that are secure and cost effective,” he adds.

Tangoe’s Technology Lifecycle Management (TLM) for mobility solutions, powered by Tangoe platform deliver visibility, control, security, and cost savings to the most sophisticated and complicated mobility scenarios. Tangoe enables all aspects of global mobile device management, from procurement and deployment to support and replacement. With Tangoe Mobile Deployment and Support, employees can choose approved devices and plans via a simple portal. We make sure every device is properly configured and connected—right out of the box. When employees have any issues or queries, they can immediately contact service desk support to resolve the query. In case a device is broken or lost, Tangoe gets a replacement, eliminating the need for employees to go to retail store, a device manufacturer, or mobile carrier helpdesk.

Organizations can optimize, monitor, and streamline enrollment and security support for all mobile employees utilizing Tangoe Mobile Policy Governance.

Our goal at Tangoe has always been to make even the most complex mobile scenarios easy to manage

The solution effectively manages the mobile enterprise by delivering a seamless integration of EMM stack with organization’s infrastructure and network. Further, Tangoe’s EMM health-check analyzes the client’s current environment to deliver and help implement a custom playbook for EMM integration and support. After implementation, any device that connects to the client’s global network is monitored and managed based on corporate policy.

The company also helps clients keep track of their mobile usage and spend allocation through its Mobile Expense Optimization which gives a clear and accurate view for each user and device. This helps in reducing costs and mobile plans that better meet the needs of both the business as well as end-users. “Tangoe’s global mobility solutions enable organizations to transform their mobile strategies to deliver savings, control, efficiency, compliance, and end-user productivity, across their entire mobile workforce,” states Foy.

Tangoe’s client base consists of Fortune 500 companies that depend on the firm’s TLM solutions to ensure their IT teams have the visibility and control to accelerate digital transformation success. Over the course of 16 years, more than 900 organizations from a wide range of industries have seen successful outcomes using Tangoe’s solution. The company plans to continue its innovation in TLM to boost digital transformation. “We continue to expand our mobility solutions to better serve our clients while removing many of the complexities that prevent them from successfully mobilizing their businesses,” concludes Foy.


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Jim Foy, CEO

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