Tapplent: Simplifying Human Resource Management

Gordon Zeilstra, Co-founder and CEO
A unified HRMS platform and a single employee database mean a streamlined HR personnel operation and consistent employee experience. It manages the entire employee life-cycle from recruitment to talent management to succession planning and workforce planning, from a contractor, a blue-collar worker to the senior leader of any industry. It facilitates efficient workforce management, laying the foundation for an organization’s growth while enhancing data security and accurate employee insights.

Providing these benefits to every organization through its secure, employee-centric, and cloud-based HRMS software is Tapplent.

“We cater to organizations of varying sizes, ranging from 150 to 30,000 employees, and provide full visibility to all of them,” says Sanjay Raina, co-founder and director of Tapplent.

Tapplent is a modern platform that helps organizations deal with the most complicated elements of their talent communities and combine the necessary capabilities of HR functionality with a need to drive great productivity and visibility into your workforce. It is currently functional in 52 countries, serving employee communities of 52 languages

Why the 5 Modules are Must for every HR

Tapplent’s end-to-end solution can be bought in any of its 5 singular modules, and/or to roll-out to the full platform, each addressing both strategic and tactical components of HR, the productivity of your people and financial management of your addressable talent.

The solution’s first module offers workforce management, including employee and organizational data, policies, employee events, and expenses.

The next is a talent acquisition module that deals with candidate sourcing, managing job descriptions, application tracking, and offering features that enhance the candidate experience, especially for candidate pre-boarding and onboarding to full employee or contractor status. The module facilitates companies to stay connected with their former employees and approach them for legacy data, but also for specific projects, future employment or mentorship.

The acquired talents can be managed with Tapplent’s third module. It sets employee goals and a 360-degree feedback mechanism that evaluates employee performance. These features are used in succession planning to ensure optimization of internal and addressable talent, to develop new hires to fill critical roles, or to begin proactive strategies for external sourcing. The module also manages compensation, employee benefits, attendance, and holidays.
The fourth module focuses on employee engagement and includes a full Learning Management System. Its learning suite offers skills and competence training to employees but does so in a way that formal training and certification or course progression is adhered to, but also one where quick and social learning styles and gamification can be encouraged. Organizations can upload already designed, customized learning content or create content using Tapplent’s platform. It comes in handy when providing instructor-led, on-the-job training and offering certifications, and driving compliance or safety adherence.

The fifth module enhances engagement and provides employee insights. It allows companies to conduct employee surveys and employee feedback. The survey results and data from other modules are converted into people analytics to help determine the company’s mergers and acquisitions.

Each of these modules can also help provide visualization to the Workforce Planning capabilities found in Tapplent, which allow for scenario planning around budgets, headcount, span-of-control, extremely helpful as organizations deal with growth, divestiture or acquisitions and financial modeling to support their business objectives.

Onboarding is a Walk in the Park

Tapplent has a less intrusive, collaborative approach to onboard its clients. The team works with the client to analyze their existing HR platform and generate ideas to overcome limitations. The collaboration can either be from Tapplent’s office or at the client’s or completely remote. They also provide 24-hour customer support.

The solution is configurable to suit any organizational hierarchy or workflow and keeps up with the evolving business demands. It can manage companies with a massive employee population, making it practical in populous countries of Asia, African, and Middle Eastern countries.

Customers can also change the platform’s template, interface, and permissions depending on their business’s nature and can access it as a mobile application—the application and platform suit people of any language and geographical area.

“With frequent reorganizations happening in businesses, most existing employee systems are nonfunctional. Tapplent is a modern platform that tackles this challenge in 52 countries, serving employee communities of 52 languages,” says Gordon Zeilstra, co-founder and CEO of Tapplent.

In one instance, Tapplent assisted a global company that is functional in over 50 countries to have consistent HR management. The company had 15,000 employees from various cultural backgrounds and languages. It applied Tapplent’s talent core mechanism to understand their skill sets and areas of interest. It also utilized Tapplent’s recruitment module to simplify its recruitment process. The collaboration helped them improve their attrition rates, increase productivity by up to 30 percent, and save 28 percent of their HR budget by cutting down manual labor in HR management. Such examples prove how integrating Tapplent’s HR suite for successful employee management is synonymous with a company’s productivity.

At a time when companies are paying for separate HR platforms for a better digital experience for their employees, Tapplent’s HRMS platform offers an entire ecosystem where employees and employers can handle every HR need at their fingertips. This makes it a front-runner in the HR domain.


HQ: Las Vegas, Nevada (and operations in India, Australia and Canada)

Gordon Zeilstra, Co-founder and CEO

Tapplent offers secure, employee-centric, and cloud-based HRMS software that manages the entire employee and contractorlife-cycleand productivity from recruitment to talent management, learning, succession planning and workforce planning.