TargetArc: Putting "Business Strategy & Information Management" at the Heart of EA

Murali Kala, Principal Strategist
“Technology is no doubt a key component in EA. But unless you have a strong foundation in information and institutional knowledge, what good is your technology?” begins Murali Kala, Principal Strategist at TargetArc on a compelling note. His words couldn't ring more true as at the fundamental level today, its quality data and information that runs businesses or for that matter even technology. But look around and majority EA service providers in the market tend to focus on IT applications while the information underpinning it takes a backseat. To tackle this gap, Murali Kala an industry veteran with over fifteen years of experience in the EA space laid the cornerstone of TargetArc, an independent consultancy practice that specializes in enterprise, business, and information architecture design. “Information Management is at the heart of all our services as it is vital for all architecture disciplines,” remarks Murali.

All of TargetArc’s services are vertical agnostic and to bring invaluable advice to clients, the company uses known frameworks such as TOGAF and Zachman for EA, DAMA from an information architecture point of view, and the concepts from Business Architecture Guild for Business Services. What makes TargetArc stand apart is that they have combined the aforementioned reference models and come up with unique, best-of-breed and fully customized internal frameworks. When a client comes onboard, based on the need at hand, TargetArc uses their well-defined frameworks and associated methodologies, to implement a comprehensive approach for the successful execution of a strategy.

For example, if the need of the hour is business architecture, TargetArc assesses the client's existing business strategy, capabilities, and the goal at hand. Once the capabilities are documented, TargetArc creates a value chain around each of them alongside a maturity assessment. This is basically a 360-degree assessment on what’s working and what’s not and if the industry standards are being followed. Ultimately, TargetArc defines a client's future state, creates transition points between their current and the future state, and designs a roadmap that continuously provides value and builds new or improves existing capabilities.
As experts in business capability modeling and enterprise blueprinting the company also offers a holistic approach in case of mergers and acquisitions. A similar model is followed where after discovering the organizational capabilities TargetArc designs a target operating model, and finally delivers a structured program. Businesses can be rest assured to decrease business integration timescales and associated costs, post a merger while maximizing business value.

Nothing better defines the company's value proposition other than the fact that since 2013, TargetArc has been the only choice for multiple prominent pharmaceutical and oil & gas organizations in the US and UK. They have not only helped the clients through multiple acquisitions and divestitures but also defined their information and EA practices. “We designed their big data and analytics platforms on the information side, ensured the flow of information between business units, and used a business blueprint approach to document their information and processes, which helped them engage in informed conversations with technology solution vendors,” informs Murali. Through a service called information factory, TargetArc has proven that by creating an “Information Continuum” and right utilization of institutional knowledge, organizations can bring down a program cost by 40-60 percent and as well as the time taken to deliver it.

For maximum client benefit, TargetArc also offers training and mentoring in all aspects of information management and EA. They work with the client's business teams and give them an overview of the business side of information and what kind of models should be defined and used.

The days ahead look even more promising for the company as they plan on utilizing their expertise in modeling institutional knowledge and aligning information models with business outcomes to kick-start new initiatives, designed for business analytics and AI. Apart from strategy expansion, TargetArc will also venture into the energy & utilities and manufacturing sectors, having already made a splash in pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and the oil & gas industries.


New Jersey, Delaware & Texas

Murali Kala, Principal Strategist

TargetArc is an independent consultancy practice specializing in the enterprise, business, and information architecture design