Targetbase: CRM Solutions for Smart Consumer Engagement and Interaction

Mark Wright, President & CEO
Consumers are increasingly becoming more tech savvy in how they engage retailers and make buying decisions. They consider it crucial to research and gain knowledge about brand information— products, brands, price tags—before zeroing on the brand items they want to purchase. This has consumers generating huge amounts of data. Brands are vying to leverage this data to gain valuable information to better understand consumer behavior and engagement. Addressing this need, Irving, TX based Targetbase designs and develops CRM solutions that not only connects the customer data, but helps companies interpret and translate it into powerful omni-channel marketing strategies and customer engagements. “We help clients leverage and apply the wealth of information consumers provide everyday to drive incremental profit,” says Mark Wright, President and CEO, Targetbase.

With the exponential growth in data being created by consumers, brands are struggling to capture and identify the right data to help better engage with consumers. Incorporating CRM into their solutions, Targetbase creates intelligence driven from the growing number of consumer touchpoints to help brands offer the most relevant, most behavior driving programs to drive measurable increases in performance. The Targetbase Marketing Platform – powered by Adobe, Kitewheel, SAS, Informatica and other best in class systems – connects, captures, stores and tracks campaigns. It provides brands direct access to all customer-related data through a single pane of glass. “We build a seamless system that can serve all existing clients to navigate within the new platform,” states Wright. The Targetbase Marketing Platform allows marketers to listen and engage consumers in real time leveraging the API connectivity and use an analytically driven decision engine that is able to interpret, recognize and evaluate a message to respond in a relevant manner.

“Bringing technology, analytics and communication together, Targetbase follows the trend from dashboard to real-time accessibility of data,” states Wright. The company serves multiple market verticals through its customizable solutions for individual clients.
Targetbase enhances brand’s marketing plans by fulfilling core elements like the brand’s voice, consumer intelligence and channel expertise. The company with its production techniques, tools and services delivers enriched communications across all consumer engaging channels. “Our solutions enhance the consumer touchpoints and interactions of the brand and the consumer to create compelling experiences that drives engagement,” Wright adds.

Folding Technology, Analytics and Communication together, Targetbase follows the moving trend from dashboard to real-time accessibility of data with the help of CRM

For instance Acura, Honda’s luxury automotive brand, wanted to leverage the insight they have on its consumers to make the art of selling a car more relevant, personalized and effective. By better understanding the consumer in terms of; lifestage, demographics and previous engagements, they are able to deliver a targeted approach to their marketing material, going as far as focusing on this vehicle attributes that are more important to that specific consumer. “Acura is one of those companies who have figured out how to sell one vehicle at a time in a manner each consumer feels like they are recognized and valued for their business,” says Wright.

“No individual is bigger than the team.” Wright believes in a work environment where a team of expertise works effectively together to achieve a common goal. Targetbase aims to be capable to perform real-time and uninterrupted communication across all channels. “We live in a world where marketing has been turned upside down. Consumers have the choice to tune in or tune out marketing at a finger touch. At Targetbase, we integrate technology, analytics and communications which gives our clients a great opportunity to engage with their consumers in a manner which gives them a right to win,” he concluded.


Irving, TX

Mark Wright, President & CEO

Incorporates digital marketing principles with analytics intelligence and helps its clients to leverage their information resources provided by the customers.