Tata Communications: Developing a Robust Digital Ecosystem

Increased consumption of Internet, proliferation of rich media files and video over the Internet are increasing the demand for CDN solutions exponentially. With easy access to content through smartphones and tablets, consumers now expect to see videos, sporting events, and live programming on all kind of devices—anytime and anywhere. By leveraging high-performance networking infrastructure and distributed management techniques, Tata Communications is uniquely positioned in the market to help enterprises overcome these challenges by delivering any form of digital content, to any device, anywhere in the world. Tata Communications’ focus is to enable Content Owners and enterprises provide their audiences a ‘Superlative Digital Experience.’

Our CDN services are global, carriergrade and massively scalable

Tata Communications, a global provider of communication solutions, offers a complete spectrum of innovative services to help customers have an efficient and secure, carrier-grade CDN. “Our CDN services are global and carrier-grade. Our CDN platform rides on an ISP backbone that carries 24 percent of the world’s internet routes. This gives the CDN preferred pathways to eyeballs across the globe and the scale to handle thundering herd traffic patterns. This is borne out by the fact that the Tata Communications’ CDN is consistently ranked high in performance globally, both by independent 3rd party sites as well as our customers, thus making for a Superlative Digital Experience,” reveals Aditya Jayaraman, Global Head, CDN Business, Tata Communications.

In the video delivery market where customers range from tier 1 broadcasters to OTT players to live events, Tata Communications provides customized end-to-end solutions, right from acquiring content from the broadcaster by downlinking from satellite, encoding it in multiple bitrates and viewing formats, and delivering the content to the end user, rapidly, seamlessly, and reliably. “We have a unique ability to provide an end-to-end solution—from the source of content all the way through to end-devices.
Aditya Jayaraman, Global Head, CDN Business
To this, add breadth of protocol and device support for emerging markets, and massive, carrier-grade capacity. Suddenly content providers have access to a flexible solution that can reach online devices within 8-10 seconds of broadcast, on a pay-as-you-go basis. That is extremely attractive for time-sensitive news, finance and sporting content,” says Jayaraman.

In the enterprise market, CMOs are looking to leverage digital channels to reach new and existing customers, thereby reinforcing online brand equity. Tata Communications’ website acceleration service makes for the accelerated delivery of wide variety of web content from a customer’s origin— HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images, video, and more. “Our web site acceleration solution provides CMOs the speed and performance to deliver enriched website content in a manner that enhances brand loyalty,” says Jayaraman.

As an example, Tata Communications is the official CDN provider of Formula 1. The company has powered Formula 1 to seamlessly reach out to its millions of fans across the globe with a complete solution. “We provide an end-to-end solution that starts at the race track and ends at viewer’s end-device, globally,” says Jayaraman.

Tata Communications’ technology leadership and focused approach to fostering a culture of innovation has led the company to be an exclusive service provider in the market. “We look at market opportunities very differently. We are here to help broadcasters, OTT providers, and enterprise CMOs reach new audiences each day. We do this across North America, Europe, MENA, India, and Asia. And we are committed to lowering the Total Cost of Ownership of these solutions for our customers,” says Jayaraman. Over the next 18 months, Tata Communications is looking to accelerate the OTT phenomenon and break further ground in enterprise Digital Marketing.

Tata Communications

Mumbai, India

Aditya Jayaraman, Global Head, CDN Business

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