Taulia: Paperless Transactions Made Easy

Chris Cauley, Head of Solution Consulting
Businesses are constantly working to reduce overhead costs while simultaneously increasing profits. Paper invoicing and check payments are cumbersome, time consuming and reduce the profit margin for every business. The large companies miss out on discounts, and the medium and small firms don’t have access to capital required for the business, forcing them to borrow money from lenders and banks at higher rate of interest. “Taulia provides a unique cloud based solution for invoicing, payments and supplier financing, allowing medium and small businesses to enjoy early payments, while larger enterprises benefit from increased discount capture,” says Chris Cauley, Head of Solution Consulting, Taulia.

Headquartered in San Francisco CA, Taulia aims to provide transparency and visibility into the financial supply chain by maximizing the use of electronic files while ensuring efficient electronic transaction. Upon receiving the purchase order, the suppliers can confirm the receipt of the purchase order, submit and inquiry directly related to that PO, flip it into an invoice, and request to be paid early. Suppliers can do this all free of charge. “We cater to the largest as well as medium and small suppliers who want to use e-invoicing better, while avoiding paper and streamlining transactions. Taulia provides a single solution to organizations to meet the needs of all their entire supply chain,” explains Chris.

While many other solution providers struggle to provide a complete electronic invoicing system, Taulia achieves this with its core product, Inbox by Taulia. “Inbox by Taulia provides 100 percent electronic invoicing, even accounting for the invoices sent by suppliers through email. The service is always free of cost to suppliers, we don’t want to make revenue from suppliers and become a barrier for adoption,” he adds.
While ensuring transactions become electronically efficient while providing transparency and visibility, the company also strives to benefit the larger corporations by making it easy for suppliers to get paid early in exchange for a discount, thus maximize buyer discount capture. While some customers of Taulia prefer early payment discount capture, others want to improve their working capital, and hold on to cash as long as they can. Taulia, in such cases, utilizes third party financing to fund early payments, enabling customers to pay invoices when they mature but still give their suppliers access to cash.

Our service is always free of cost to suppliers, we don’t want to make revenue from suppliers and become a barrier for adoption

Taulia, has made e-invoicing simple and easy to use for businesses of all sizes, providing many payment and many lending options that benefit customers, and their suppliers. One unique case needs to be mentioned, where Taulia assisted Northgate to solve their invoicing inefficiencies and they now have 90 percent of their suppliers doing business with them through the free portal. This has enabled them to reduce the number of people answering invoices from 15 to 4.

With the SupplierPay initiative by the Whitehouse aiming to strengthen the U.S.’s small businesses, the future for Taulia is bright. “Breaking discounting barriers and providing finances is the future of the company, and we are getting a lot of traction in the marketplace,” concludes Chris.


San Francisco, CA

Chris Cauley, Head of Solution Consulting and Cedric Bru, CEO

Through turning every invoice into a revenue opportunity, Taulia enables organizations to strengthen supplier relationships while adding millions to the bottom line

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