Tavano Team: Solutions Streamlined for Agile Store-Front Conversions

Yaffa Rabkin, CEO
From a single-touch point interaction to multiple touchpoints, customers around the world are looking for customized commercial experience. But, there is a lack of technology to provide customers with real-time inventory, which leads to a disjointed order management. Ultimately, this will bring customer vexation and brand discontent, which seeds inefficiency in businesses for the companies. Thus, by providing solutions to address this impediment, Tavano Team from Miami, FL, has developed NetSuite based e-Commerce tools that meet complex client requirements. From Warehouse, Distribution to Manufacturing, and the Software industry, Tavano delivers front– end eCommerce to backend CRM and ERP.

Tavano is an authorized agency for SuiteCommerce Advance (SCA). “As a recognized leader in NetSuite eCommerce solutions, we specialize in identifying customer targets for a comprehensive online shopping experience that simplifies ordering, optimizes interaction and generates long-term relationships between customers and business,” says Yaffa Rabkin, CEO, Tavano Team.

To provide an easy user interface, Tavano has merged Automation & Integration Tools, together with advanced Web Application Tools for their solution. A feature-rich platform that unifies NetSuite’s order management, inventory, marketing, customer support and financials, is incorporated for transforming the digital storefront of their client. Similarly, another tool, known as the NetSuite Site Builder is designed to elevate sales and accelerate the ordering process for B2B and B2C shopping models.Through this integrant, a variety of other features like social interaction, Google Analytics Integration, Visual Header Dropdown menu and Stock Notifications, are enlisted for specific customer business portfolio. Additionally, a faceted Search Navigation application has also been integrated to compare prices, locate competitors, and notify about the product description and reviews.

Tavano Team‘s Event management solution, named Eventify, enables NetSuite clients to easily create events, publish registration forms, sell events, and access registration and eventrelated reporting.
Accessible from any location, this application is highly customizable. In addition, it seamlessly connects customers with their NetSuite CRM, order management process, billing and accounting.

Further, Tavano Team also provides Digital Marketing services to increase the number of entries to the client’s respective websites. By integrating Search Engine Optimization (SEO), an extensive cross-channel marketing plan is executed through marketing specialists. This is done by adding content, Link building, keyword optimization, sitemaps, social bookmarking and profile linking. “We pair creative customization with research-driven structure and attractive design to satisfy the overall shopping experience, that delivers increased online sales and lead generation,” adds Rabkin.

We specialize in identifying customer targets and shaping a custom-built online shopping experience

One of their clients, a solution provider for the Mobile Hydraulics arena, encountered obstacles while handling both manufacturing and distribution of their products. Over 5000 items were open-sourced through an e-commercial website. However, their customers were facing roadblocks to place orders; even placing an order took more than 20 minutes which affected their website’s credibility. As there was no conversion from their store front to the shopping cart, the company approached Tavano. With the implementation, the outlook of their website was transformed with a completely new storefront. Improvement in their SEO was also witnessed. Thus, the company’s back end flow increased their conversion and ROI. There are many other instances which will help bring out the prowess that Tavano brings to the game. With so much accomplished in such a short span of time, Tavano Team will continue to focus on developing NetSuite Projects. The company also looks to increase its client base in the days to come.


Miami, FL

Yaffa Rabkin, CEO

An authorized agency for SuiteCommerce Advance (SCA) delivering front –end eCommerce to back end CRM and ERP