TavantTechnologies: Going Beyond the Typical IT Solutions Providers

CIO VendorSarvesh Mahesh, CEO
The process of extending support to organizations spread across the globe, through outstanding IT strategies is often an elaborate and immensely complex process, which calls for unprecedented expertise, strategic planning and innovation at all levels. To put it other way, the industry has to mature beyond the current ‘one-size fits-all’ service models, which are expensive, time-consuming and often unable to fulfill the business requirements. To enable such a transformation, the industry would require specialized IT partners with a great understanding on the business so as to arrive at effective business technology solutions that are enterprise-specific. This aspect, critical to an organization, is one of the key focus areas for Tavant Technologies, a Santa Clara headquartered provider of specialized software solutions and end-to-end services, there by going a step ahead of the typical solution providers.

Following their goal of extending all-encompassing solutions to organizations, Tavant retains special focus on lack of transparency, unpredictability in facing requirements of skilled professionals and opaque work models, the most-prevalent concerns impacting the industry. To tackle these concerns, Tavant remains transparent in their approach towards developing solutions through their Open Kitchen System. Another prominent aspect about Tavant people is the flexibility offered in terms of customer’s requirements.

High returns for IT investment for all clients is viewed as a challenge at Tavant, where tailor-made solutions are the end-result of a creative, adaptive and scalable approach to solving the most critical concerns in the industry.
Led by Sarvesh Mahesh, CEO, Tavant is known for their deep domain knowledge, technical expertise, and predictable delivery of high quality results in addition to the track record of solving complex business problems. “Tavant is not a vendor, but a partner, for whom customer’s success is a responsibility. We add value to customers’ businesses by offering quick, time bound and flexible solutions to ensure consistent quality and high returns on investments”, is how Mahesh describes Tavant.

The Differentiating Features

Widely recognized as a great place to work, Tavant is a team of people with expertise on addressing the specific requirements of an enterprise. Further, the stakeholders are assured of complete transparency through Tavant Open Kitchen, which in turn helps in ensuring long-term partnerships with customers.

Areas of Focus

Tavant is a company that has found immense success in verticals including Consumer Lending, Capital Markets, Media and Entertainment, Retail, Manufacturing and Gaming.

The company today offers Architecture and Technology Consulting, Application Development and Maintenance, Big Data, Analytics and BI, Mobile Application Development, Software Testing and Hosting & Managed services. Taking their interest in Manufacturing to a different level, Tavant has developed two products that are specific to the manufacturing sector, that are the Tavant Warranty and Tavant Warranty On-demand.

The future plans for Tavant revolve around the increasing demand for expertise-based services, although adding value to customers and employees remains the ultimate goal.



Sarvesh Mahesh, CEO

A provider of end-to-end services in the domain of Service Operations, Consumer Lending, eBusiness, eMedia, Interactive Entertainment and Trading & Securities