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Mark O’Leary, President
Taylor Healthcare has provided communications solutions for thousands of hospitals, health plans, clinical labs and other healthcare organizations for nearly 100 years. And, as healthcare evolved, so has Taylor Healthcare. As electronic health records (EHRs) began to replace traditional, paper-based record-keeping, many healthcare organizations believed their overwhelmingly frustrating paper problems had been solved. EHR implementation did not solve all paper-based process woes. Many of the organizations continued to struggle with operational inefficiency and processes because of unforeseen gaps in their costly EHRs.

Recognizing the ongoing problem across healthcare’s IT industry, Taylor Healthcare responded by developing a suite of HIPAA-compliant healthcare technology solutions designed to help clients maximize their EHR investments. Now used by 1000+ healthcare organizations across the nation, these technology solutions work to eliminate the remaining paper-based processes, empowering organizations to redirect focus from manual, inefficient tasks to delivering better care for patients and families.

Taylor Healthcare’s technology solutions focus on document automation and patient engagement. The company’s document automation solutions increase staff and operational efficiency while eliminating the costs associated with preprinted forms and manual, paper-based workflows. These solutions include Forms on Demand, Forms Committee Automation, and Downtime Contingency.

Forms on Demand technology allows healthcare organizations to print forms, labels and wristbands with patient demographics on demand instead of ordering and wasting boxes of preprinted documents. This solution helped a large healthcare system in New York eliminate their costly paper problem. During implementation, the system consolidated many paper documents which eliminated more than 1,500 forms and resulted in significant cost savings for the organization.

Forms Committee Automation helps streamline an organizations’ forms management and approval process by electronically automating the design and maintenance of critical administrative and departmental forms and content.
Downtime Contingency, when combined with Forms on Demand, allows healthcare organizations to maintain business continuity by enabling system access to generate forms and labels with patient demographic information and bar codes when the EHR or network is down – one of the frequently overlooked issues with EHR systems.

Taylor Healthcare’s patient engagement solution platform provides healthcare organizations the tools they need to enhance communication between patients and providers while improving patient satisfaction and the patient experience. These solutions include Informed Consent, Check-in, Check-In at Home and Mobile Signature Capture.

Informed Consent, an electronic signature solution powered by Taylor Healthcare’s iMedConsent™ digital content library, generates more than 3800+, procedure-specific electronic consents and features over 4000+ comprehensive education content pieces. Check-In digitizes healthcare organizations’ onsite patient registration with digital forms to capture patient data and signatures electronically. Check-In at Home can integrate with a healthcare system’s existing patient portal to enable patients to complete their pre-care documents electronically at home. Taylor Healthcare’s latest addition, Mobile Signature Capture, which is powered by Taylor Healthcare’s patented geo-location technology KLIC™-Sign, gives patients the ability to receive a text message and complete and sign their documents safely on their smart phone without having to create an account or install an app.

Taylor Healthcare President, Mark O’Leary, attributes the success of the company to the depth of knowledge the company offers. Maintaining strong partnerships with leading EHR providers in the U.S., Taylor Healthcare boasts of a team of experts who generate innovative ideas and products for the market to meet growing tech requirements. The company’s extensive market presence has given Taylor Healthcare the cutting edge over other providers to anticipate and address the needs of healthcare providers, O’Leary said.

“Taylor Healthcare is committed to working collaboratively with our clients to support the ongoing shift in the market toward patient-centered care,” O’Leary said.

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Mark O’Leary, President

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