Taza Systems: Real Estate Workflow Software without Boundaries

Lawrence Duffin, Chief Officer
Taza Systems wants to disrupt the traditional real estate asset management workflow market of today. In a landscape dominated by overpriced and under configurable products, Taza is achieving its goal through workflow management software built without boundaries. Lawrence Duffin, the Chief Officer of Taza Systems, a passionate kite boarder, likes to compare this software’s ability to the sensation of ‘freedom without boundaries’. “Our workflow management products deliver a sense of freedom, by easily configuring to customer’s needs and adapting to changing business environment. Our solution offers more user defined fields than any other in the market today,” says Duffin. “This allows users to create as many tasks with optional dependency outcomes as needed. Our solution provides transparency to all involved parties, allowing them to accomplish their required tasks, while maintaining asset management’s best practices,” he adds.

Taza Systems’ complete suite of software seamlessly integrates the entire property chain and life cycle. For instance TAZAVOX, is a cloud based asset management software system for banks, financial institutions, asset management companies, real estate investors or any company with RE assets. “A great example of clients who have been impacted by TAZAVOX are the banks that previously depended on using multiple spreadsheets to manage their portfolio of distressed real estate assets and were not able to meet reporting demands,” says Duffin. For them, TAZAVOX offers workflow and task dependency automation, transaction transparency and document management along with high ROI. The software has the ability to model multiple scenarios, for example, the audit demands in the banking segment and the reporting demands of the investors.

Following the trend of mobile technology in workflow management, Taza also offers Android and iOS apps that streamline processes for clients and vendors. TAZA360 is one such app that leverages a feature-rich HUD inspection service to help email the inspection and photos from the field. Gathering data and submitting data in real time, cutting down the redundant steps and eliminating the unnecessary processes. For example, if two consecutive inspections are conducted in a weeks’ time, one needs to review the details of each inspection and produce document that indicates the changes.
But with TAZA360, all the changes are recorded automatically. It also handles small processes like resizing the photos to an acceptable size and uploading them to the appropriate places in real-time from the field.

Further, the company also delivers solutions like TAZA-REO that addresses the needs of real estate brokerages and agents by generating leads, monitoring leads’ feedback and communication.

Duffin believes in employing the ‘ears to the ground’ listening approach for understanding clients’ problems. Taza Systems develops a personal relationship with clients to encourage candor and transparency between them, as well as to be in tune with the needs and relevancy of its products to meet those needs.

One client that counts on Taza Systems is a federally insured financial institution. The client needed a comprehensive solution for their Special Assets Department. Aligned with existing business model workflow processes, the bank needed a central database for all levels of users and a secure, user-friendly unified document management hub with an automated legacy audit trail that included email archiving. Taza duplicated the existing business model and workflow processes to keep the initial view of the automated system familiar to the users. The databases are maintained and housed by Rackspace and Level 3, and the program logic is based on Microsoft’s top technologies. TAZAVOX not only addressed the immediate concerns, but also provided many additional features to the client for future use.

Commenting on Taza Systems’ future plans Duffin says, “We are focused to continue innovating and expanding our asset management products into the global market, starting with Europe and the GCC countries. We are also expanding our market segments into the non-performing loans sector.”

We stand by our clients and innovate user friendly solutions, as a result, each client is a success story

Taza Systems

San Diego, CA

Lawrence Duffin, Chief Officer

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