TCH Technology Consulting Group: Consulting Engagements to Enable IT Alignment

Rodney Hooks, President & CEO
In an era of prolific enablement of IT systems and processes, in certain scenarios, the IT investments do not align with the business strategies and goals of an organization. “Our goal is to help businesses fully realize the benefits of innovative technology by providing cost-effective IT solutions and expert consulting services that have a direct, measurable impact on improving their revenue and business sustainability,” says Rodney Hooks, President, CEO and Principal Consultant, TCH Technology Consulting Group.

Our goal is to help businesses fully realize the benefits of innovative technology by providing cost-effective IT solutions and expert consulting services

Headquartered in Houston, TX with main offices in Virginia and Europe, TCH Technology Consulting Group is an Information Technology Consulting Services Company that delivers specialized strategic consulting services and IT solutions for small to enterprise-sized government and private sector businesses. The firm’s focus is on areas such as business development consulting (government and private sector), technology consulting, accounts payable recovery, technology intelligence, technology strategies, and technology planning.

Prior to starting the company, Rodney’s role as the CIO for a large government technology agency has helped him to leverage on his extensive experience and results oriented approach to drive technology growth and operational efficiency for the government clients. In addition, as a Government Chief Information Officer, Rodney guided DoD Signal Command efforts to solve complex and critical plat¬form transformation challenges facing a number of government organizations.

The TCH consultants’ knowledge and proven experience in business, industry, technology, and government help them to understand relevant industry best practices, government processes, and the challenges faced by an organization. “We have over three decades of collective experience in the federal sector,” affirms Rodney.
TCH maintains its competitive advantage through vast technology experience, versatility and innovative strategic thinking. “Our founding principle is based on harnessing leading edge technology and strategic business development process and establishing a synergy with your core business objectives,” says Rodney. The firm’s work methodology focuses on systematically capturing the customer requirements, and optimizing processes, combining both new and established technology consulting practices and solutions, modernizing information technology and nurturing the adoption of changes.

“We are the perfect partner to educate you on specific technology areas such as mobility, data centers, SDN, and ease of getting the data via the cloud in a secure and effective way. We assist in reducing technology operational costs, increase time to market and improve service levels for our customers,” remarks Rodney. TCH has positioned itself to be a one-stop group for all technology needs by having strategic partnerships with companies such as HP, Dell, Riva Networks, Center Circle Consultants, Zingma, IndiaNIC, nicheBees, AGIS, 24hour Data, and Mak¬ing Sense.

Rodney and his team believe in communicating with clients in an iterative manner on a level playing field. TCH’s diverse clientele include companies such as FireEye-Mandiant, VMware, Nuta¬nix, ARISTA, TIP Solutions, Polycom, Onevision, Carahsoft, 5thSignal Com¬mand, AFRICOM, EUCOM, USAREUR and government agencies. In one of their consulting assignments, TCH initiated a meeting between a hardware vendor and a government agency to discuss software-defined networks. This meeting resulted in the implementation of data center and campus networks for the government organization. In addition, they assisted the organization with implementing a plan to restructure the datacenter efficiencies and become more efficient and cost effective with technology insertion into the organizational structure.

The firm has envisaged a goal of $30 million revenue in the federal market segment over a period of next 4 years. “In order to achieve this aggressive goal, we are branching out into new strategic government and private industry sectors that will enhance our portfolio. Along with introducing large IDIQ, GSA, and BPA contracts into the company’s overall structure, we want to position TCH to be the `go to’ consulting firm for strategic business development and technology consulting at a very reasonable price,” states Rodney.

TCH Technology Consulting Group

Houston, TX

Rodney Hooks, President & CEO

Specializes in delivering consulting services and IT solutions for Government and private sector businesses