TDT Analytics: A Reliable Partner for Your Analytics Journey

Michael G. Foliot, Founder, President and CEO
“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.”

Today, every business that seeks to grow actualizes this vision through informed and data-based decision making. In order to arrive at these informed decisions, companies must acknowledge that the value of collecting and analyzing data does not stem from understanding what happened yesterday. In fact, the greatest value is revealed by using the data to decide what to do tomorrow. This is where the ultrapowerful predictive analytics enters the picture, helping companies to analyze past data, identify trends, and drive informed business decisions. While predictive analytics is not a new phenomenon, the increasing demands of effective data analytics have brought artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to intertwine with predictive analytics to allow users to accurately process vast amounts of data and recognize patterns. Yet, the adoption rate is slow, and organizations are only beginning to scratch the surface in regards to the potential applications of this technology. “Businesses utilize high-end and robust BI tools that provides them with a visualization of certain events that have occurred in the past. However, they often overlook the next step, which is predictive analytics to gain those meaningful insights,” reveals Michael Foliot, an expert in predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial neural networks (ANN).

With an aim to change this narrative, Foliot and his team at TDT Analytics are helping businesses to harness the untapped potential of predictive analytics, machine learning and ANN to identify insights in the data they possess and gain a competitive advantage. With a focus on descriptive as well as predictive analysis, TDT Analytics enables clients to fully realize the potential of data.

At the core, Chicago and Toronto based TDT Analytics is a boutique organization that specializes in predictive and business analytics, transforming business data into future insights and help achieve business objectives with analytics. Bringing more than a decade of rich experience and expertise to the table, TDT Analytics operates in both the B2C and B2B sectors, empowering clients with on-premise and cloud solutions driven by machine learning, AI, and ANN. “We have been in the business of offering predictive analytics solutions for the past 13 years, and now we are expanding our service offerings, to include machine learning, artificial intelligence, and artificial neural networks,” asserts Foliot, founder, president, and CEO of TDT Analytics.

Touching upon the various challenges that organizations face along their analytics journey, Foliot stresses that the area of data integration and transformation is still a matter of concern for several organizations, as they fail to bring together the internal and external data for the data scientist to develop appropriate models. To this end, TDT Analytics complements customers’ analytics journey and provides them with the support as well as models to get better insight into the data.

To begin with, TDT Analytics leverages a methodological approach to support its customers through the predictive analytics process. As most of the customers collaborate with TDT Analytics through network and customer referrals, the initial process starts with an understanding of the insights that the customers are trying to achieve, followed by the pain points that are existing within their organization, and finally the key objectives. As the discussion brings up the key objectives of the customers, the chief data scientist, and the team at TDT Analytics develops a whitepaper that highlights the project objectives, insights as well as the methodology that the team would follow, and theassociated deliverables. In parallel, a projecttimeline is associated with this document, and customers receive it in order to alter or add anything within the document. This keeps both the customer and the TDT team on the same page, and once the agreement gets a confirmation from the customer’s end, it translates into a services agreement, and the project commences.

Besides its unparalleled experience and expertise, the uniqueness of TDT Analytics also stems from its ability to apply various machine learning models like regression trees, decision trees, time series analysis, and neural networks depending on the problems encountered by the customers.

We have been in the business of offering predictive analytics solutions for the past 13 years, and now we are expanding our service offerings, to include machine learning, artificial intelligence, and artificial neural networks, focusing on customer/client retention

The company doesn’t believe in using the same hammer for different problems; rather, they try to match the problem with the methodology. Additionally, TDT Analytics brings together both the data science and business aspects together in a cost-effective way and provides a minimum of 10 to 15 times return on investment for an organization. This is something that steers them ahead of the competition. Similarly, all these come into effect as TDT Analytics has a great team of people who holds expertise in various domains. The specific teams at TDT Analytics consist of programmers who are experts in data aggregation, transformation, and cleansing. Further, there is a team of data scientists who takes into account all the modeling of time series analysis, regression analysis, and cluster analysis. In the same manner, there is also a team that specializes in the visualization side and transforms all the historical data with the model into a useable tool for the customers. It is also worth mentioning that a group of programmers also works for TDT Analytics and builds web-based tools for the customers.

Considering the ever-changing landscape of the industry, TDT Analytics acknowledges the growing demand for Artificial Neural Network (ANN). In the same vein, Foliot illustrates that as his two-year-old grandson would need proper training to understand the difference between several animals, the same thing is also applicable while developing ANN. Likewise, there is a need to properly train the computer to be able to recognize the different things within the network, as it’s all about repetition, trial and error, feedback, and backpropagation. For instance, if a company is concerned about fraud, it is imperative to understand the details of how the fraud happened, and then the computer gets trained with all questions to be able to put through the answers and translate it all. Along with it, as the computational power and data sizes are increasing, TDT Analytics holds the capability to ramp up its computational thought power, whenever required. The company has both on-premise computing power as well as cloud computing power and renders the solution or services according to the customer’s requisite.

Subsequently, the value proposition of the company can be well illustrated through a customer success story, wherein a FinTech organization approached TDT Analytics. The team at TDT Analytics helped the customer with their pricing strategy, brought forward a clear picture of how the customer could lift their revenues, and also showcased the ways that would help to retain their clients. It’s also challenging for organizations to increase their revenues in the saturated North American market, and applying revenue exercises or pricing exercises can often backfire. With its analytical experience, the team at TDT Analytics was able to present a detailed report that stated how the prices of the products could be increased while achieving the revenue goals and retaining the clients.

For the future, the company is looking forward to nurturing its existing customers and continue to provide new services to them that will help to grow their business more effectively. At the same time, TDT Analytics will help municipalities to extract insights from their physical assets and make predictions to better use those assets.

TDT Analytics

Chicago, Illinois and Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Michael G. Foliot, Founder, President and CEO

TDT specializes in predictive and business analytics. The company turns information into insights, bringing analytics to business users to achieve their business objectives

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