TeacherMatch: Predictive Analytics Providing Quality Hires

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The reputation of a school rests solely on the quality and dedication of its teachers. In order to employ the best teachers, school management must emphasize staff selection and provide developmental and motivational initiatives to equip teachers to impart a high quality education.

School districts are finding it difficult to identify the right teacher who can improve student performance. TeacherMatch provides an instrument that efficiently identifies the right teachers who will have a strong impact on student development.

For districts with a large number of teacher applicants, sifting through resumes is a tedious and all too haphazard process.TeacherMatch’s real-time and rank ordered candidate grid quickly identifies high potential candidates, streamlines the hiring process and provides customized professional development. Advanced dashboards and actionable insights provided by the assessment capture a wide range of real-time data providing insights for various levels of decision making and key performance management practices.

“The single most important success factor in school improvement is the hiring of high-quality teachers,” says Donald J. Fraynd, CEO

The Educator's Professional Inventory (EPI) is TeacherMatch’s webbased instrument that predicts teacher impact on student achievement. Using smart technology and machine learning techniques, the EPI’s analytical engine learns from the continuous feedback loops generated by newly hired teachers and offers deep insights into the knowledge, skills, abilities, dispositions and experiences that are more critical to teacher effectiveness in a given context. The iterative feedback loop makes EPI a dynamic and evolving instrument which adapts to locales the longer it is used. Refinements can be made to the EPI to increase its predictive validity year after year. The EPI is accompanied by application and interview management functionalities which provide simple and crisp user interfaces.

The EPI puts teacher candidates across America on a more equitable and fair playing field by evaluating each individual candidate on the four success factors that research has substantiated to be essential to highly effective teacher: qualifications, teaching skills, cognitive ability and attitudinal factors.

Once a candidate is selected for employment, he or she will receive a Professional Development Profile (PDP). Based on their EPI results, PDP provides specific, actionable steps to be taken by the teachers to advance and orient their teaching skills towards success in the classroom. It also includes a template with guidelines for preparing a customized plan that will enhance existing professional development programs in the school.

TeacherMatch has proven to be a very effective tool in progressiveschools such as Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Distinctive Charters, Syracuse NY Schools District, Vallejo CA Schools, etc. One of TeacherMatch’s key customers, Distinctive Schools, Chicago, employs only evidence-based programs and strategies for accelerating student achievement, performance and collegepreparedness. This approach led them to become interested in TeacherMatch. “TeacherMatch is the first tool I’ve seen that makes a clear link between student outcome and teacher attitude and aptitude. In terms of the interview process, when the TeacherMatch grid shows someone has the likelihood of being a talented teacher, [our takeaway] matches what the grid says. And finally, I wanted an active partner to help us seamlessly integrate the TeacherMatch platform into our existing HR system and that’s what we got,” says Mary Stafford, President and COO, Distinctive Schools, Chicago IL.

The team at TeacherMatch is backed by a solid research consortium of some of the nation’s most respected academic institutions. The company envisions continuous transformation of the teaching fraternity, by incorporating work done on Big Data, to help elevate the selection and support of educators. TeacherMatch plans to team up with new partners to create PrincipalMatch, a tool to predict impact of principal candidates on school performance.


Chicago, IL

Donald J. Fraynd, PhD Founde

TeacherMatch provides predictive analytics to hire quality teachers