TeamQualityPro: Real Time Comprehensive Visual Dashboard for BI

Jay Philips, CEO & President
Jay Philips found her calling in the exciting arena of testing and quality assurance while experiencing the nuances of software application projects.

Her career journey unfolded awareness into the concealed technical problems in this space, culminating in the idea to launch TeamQualityPro (TQP). According to Jay, CEO, TQP, “The vital need is to improve software quality, better manage application development investment, and thereby produce better results. TQP equips the user with real time information.”

Aptly named for the combined effort across departments in rolling out a quality application, TeamQualityPro, the firm’s real-time integrated platform provides customers with a complete picture of progress on initiatives, goals, and projects. Built on lean architecture, and being code agnostic, the automated solution taps into different source controls through all kinds of tools, to evaluate the entire ecosystem of application projects and development resources. Clients are able to see the application project’s trends across different department silos with added visibility on specific team activities from the product’s dashboard metrics. The metrics also reveal problem areas needing action before they snowball into issues.

TQP—real-time integrated platform defines a complete picture of application progress on initiatives, goals, and projects

TQP delivers a consistent and valid process to acquire, aggregate and analyze data. The TQP platform draws out critical measurements in CMMI, code complexity, testing, defect analysis, project progress, and costs to produce graphical and table formats for decision accuracy.
The platform connects to the critical systems of the company via a variety of industry standards. For instance, to ensure code quality, bug-tracking systems are integrated with a real time data-synchronization system.

The TQP administrator can set the timeframe for updates enabling the key people in the organization to view the big picture of all the application team data from requirements to production. Being mobile ready, the key differentiator and advantage of TQP is its usability for everyone within the organization who has a stake in the outcome of quality and application success. TQP is a Big Data solution which can be setup within the company or via SaaS for a fraction of the cost. Catering primarily to healthcare and financial industries, users in need of vital metrics across industries are also set to gain from TQP’s dashboard metrics.

While performing audits for a client, TQP’s quality assurance personnel could comprehend myriad problems in the production process. When the dashboard product was implemented, the live automated system aggregated and analyzed all the existing data and published that to point out all the gaps in the process. “Our dashboard automatically displayed that because it went right into the test strapping tool that the company was using to identify the exact problem. The big problem identified was that regression testing which is very important in quality assurance was not occurring at all or was occurring only on the day of production release of the application,” says Jay. The experts from TQP recommended the client to conduct regression testing at all times in the application life cycle, which brought in huge savings to the client.

Citing endless factors that go into a great application, Jay expresses that TQP is continuously tuned to improvise, based on end user feedback and stays current on all new industry standards and metrics relevant to the Big Data industry. As applications continue to be the front line resource for a company’s success, the firm is partnering with offshore vendors to implement the product worldwide and capitalize on the potential of its robust integrated graphics and trends to measure application development health.


Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

Jay Philips, CEO & President

Provides an executive dashboard solution for business intelligence needs.