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Praveen Narra, CEO & Rob Milks, CRO "Businesses in every industry are going through Digital Transformation, and COVID-19 has only accelerated that need,” begins
Praveen Narra, CEO,

As we stand at the end of 2020, the pandemic’s impact on the business world is massive, universal, and most-likely long-lasting. It has left several organizations facing turmoil, uncertainty, and economic volatility due to the range of altered and potentially irreversible consumer behavior from how they research, engage with and buy products & services. The shelter-at-home mandates and fear of infection have driven consumers to use online channels and technology rather than physical locations and interactions. Consumers have never been as knowledgeable, connected, or powerful as they are now. They also have never been more demanding of companies to deliver services using new technologies that are personalized and convenient. Thus, it has become essential for business entities to provide consumers with frictionless online services and customer experience to ensure their satisfaction. The need may be addressed both with powerful, yet easy-to-implement technology and cutting-edge AI-backed solutions that help businesses stay competitive in this new economic environment.

While this approach to overcoming the current crisis and its effects might seem attainable, organizations often fall short because of their lack of experience and expertise in these technologies. They lack tech experts in their companies to design and implement optimum solutions that meet or exceed expectations. The truth is, it’s laborious and time-consuming to find and hire skilled tech experts in-house. But finding them is only part of the battle. Getting them to understand your business strategy and coming up with a digital transformation strategy to get what you want at a fair price is another challenge altogether. As a result, businesses fall behind, struggle, and eventually lose customers. This highlights the need for a third-party service provider to operate as a virtual digital transformation partner to achieve your business outcomes.

The Digital Transformation Partner to Rely on

Addressing this need is Headquartered in Silicon Valley, the company holds a team of elite-level experts in cloud technologies, machine learning, software engineering, testing, and project management. With years of experience in digital transformation, artificial intelligence, mobile apps, and SaaS products, to name a few, this team helps clients achieve their business outcomes efficiently and successfully. “The world is moving faster than ever, and it isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Businesses that don’t keep up with this pace will falter and fail. But, businesses that do keep up by turning to cutting-edge technologies can ultimately lead their competition into oblivion”, Narra mentions. “We have the experience and extensive experience in digitally transforming our clients’ businesses while making sure their company’s culture and core values are preserved in that journey.”

Apart from this expertise on the technology front, Tech. us’s mission is to make technology accessible to all.

The AI gold rush is on! If you’ve missed the boat on the Internet or mobile boom in the past, this is your opportunity to make it up. Use it, or lose it. is the right company to help you leverage AI and Grow Smarter Praveen Narra, CEO,

They understand that every business is different based on its industry, the clients they serve, their needs and objectives. As such, they believe that a one-size-fits-all approach to digital transformation doesn’t work. Keeping this in mind, Tech. us strives to understand each client’s unique requirements, challenges, and opportunities as part of each engagement. This enables the company to come up with innovative ideas and strategize the right solution. “In today’s fast-paced business world, what you don’t practice today can be the death of your company tomorrow. As technology is rapidly adopted by customers, the need for forward-thinking companies is greater than ever. We help businesses use technology and AI to not only survive, but thrive in this tech driven world,” Narra explains.

Having such a customer-focused mindset, Tech. us has enabled several businesses from the healthcare, transportation, and e-commerce sectors to streamline their operations. For example, worked with a multi-billion dollar healthcare company to help them build an AI-powered chatbot that enabled them to respond to patients quickly. Tech. us also designed a healthcare solution that allows patients to identify specific types of cancers with up to 95 percent accuracy, a much higher accuracy than your typical doctor. built an AI solution for another client,, an innovative startup that is modernizing dentistry like never before with the power of AI and ML. Smilo provides instant oral health ratings to its clients with a click of a button. Tech. us also built a machine learning solution that allows Smilo’s clients to quickly redesign how they want their smile to look from the convenience of their smartphone. “ fast-tracked our growth by at least three years. Wherever I’ve pitched my startup so far, the investors asked me, ‘How were you able to build this technology so quickly and efficiently’. It wouldn’t be possible without the efficient team at”, says Dr. Padma Gadiyar, CEO of “They’ve got the expertise, and they’ve got the eye to see your vision. They’ll hold your hand and walk you through your journey till you achieve your goal, even if you are a non-tech founder”, Dr. Gadiyar continues. has also helped businesses from the transportation sector weather the unprecedented challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. For instance, they helped a client in the airline industry that struggled with continuous changes in customers’ needs and regulations due to the pandemic. was hired to build a solution that used business rules to guide the client through the changes automatically. As a result, the business could run their everyday operations more efficiently in spite of the unprecedented changes in flight schedules and flight cancellations caused by the pandemic.

“We serve two market segments. First, established businesses with $10 million to $500 million in annual revenues.
Second, innovative startups. Following the agile methodology, we enable businesses to quickly adapt to the changes in market conditions and seamlessly run their operations,” Narra mentions. “That’s why we have witnessed a surge in demand for our services and solutions in the last several months. has been in business for over 20 years. We’ve successfully completed over 1350 software projects. In spite of COVID, 2020 has been the best year for us to date.”

Remote Development Teams, Ready to Start

Apart from this focus on digital transformation and AI solutions, offers full-stack remote development teams that include expert software engineers, designers, testers, and project managers. “Some of our clients hire us as their remote technology team to build their whole software products from scratch to finish,” says Narra. “Others have in-house engineering teams, but they often have more work than their internal teams can handle. And in those cases, our technology team augments as an extension of their in-house teams,” he continues.

"In order to compete in today’s dynamically changing world, companies must embrace Al & ML to quickly adapt to these changes. At, we are experts at guiding our customers through this journey and creating solutions that bring value that was never before possible
Rob Milks, CRO,"

The company primarily offers two core services. First, it provides digital transformation services through the cloud, mobility, and application modernization. Second, it offers cutting-edge AI and software development services in machine learning, software products, and custom mobile applications that provide a great user experience.

While such comprehensive service offerings have enabled to carve out a niche in the Digital Transformation and AI market space, the critical factor that always keeps them a notch above the rest is their extensive market knowledge. The company understands that many C-level executives are still clueless about leveraging AI and machine learning to drive better business outcomes. That’s why Tech. us always teams up with their clients to help them maximize the benefits from their AI investments.

Furthermore, is firmly built on the mission and vision to innovate. They have never hesitated to adopt new technologies and evolve in line with market trends to better serve their clients by bringing best-of-breed solutions. In this context, Narra says, “we are continuously on the forefront of the technology, enabling us to deliver superior solutions to our clients.”

While working on innovative ideas and maintaining its leadership position in the market, continuously invests in R&D to stay ahead of its competition. This helps them stay true to their mission of using technology as an enabler to make this world a better place to live in.

“At, we are passionate about customer obsession. We work hard to accelerate our clients’ business growth, increase productivity, and transform their customer experience for the better. We love working with creative entrepreneurs and innovative businesses worldwide, helping them achieve and exceed their objectives. We are committed to excellence, customer success, and transparency in everything we do. We have a lot of fun doing it too. If this sounds like something your company could use, we would love to chat with you about it. Reach out to us today at,” Narra concludes.


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Praveen Narra, CEO & Rob Milks, CRO

Description provides digital transformation, artificial intelligence, software, and mobile app development services. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, the company holds a team of elite-level experts in cloud technologies, machine learning, software engineering, testing, and project management. With years of experience in digital transformation, artificial intelligence, mobile apps, and SaaS products, to name a few, this team helps clients achieve their business outcomes efficiently and successfully