TechAspect: Integrated Solutions Evolving into Comprehensive Digital Ecosystems

Rajiv Rohmetra, Co-Founder
The cacophony of omnichannel digital information seems to drown the communication pathways needed to garner potential customer insights,valuable for marketing and increasing revenue. Headquartered in Fremont,CA,TechAspect specializes in building digital ecosystems for its clients,introducing unique customer experiences in digital strategy,solutions and integration,making sure that it’s only the vital information that percolates and not the noise. Rajiv Rohmetra cofounded TechAspect in the year 2000 and continues to be at the helm providing thought leadership and strategic directives to the company.

TechAspect’s engagement begins by measuring the effectiveness of digital marketing goals by identifying the key performance indicators and understanding the business drivers behind various digital marketing initiatives. The company’s Center of Excellence (COE) for core practice areas closely monitors current technology trends and provides valuable insights to customers helping them mitigate those potential risks associated with rapidly changing underlying technologies.The emphasis is on employing advanced techniques such as targeting,segmentation and personalization driven by Big Data profiling,via analytics and social media to develop unique customer experiences. The comprehensive integration of Content Management System (CMS) with Customer Relationship Management(CRM),web analytics, enterprise search and e-commerce solutions ensures high Return on Investment.

Increasing traction in the mobile app market is fueling the demand for well designed apps and sites correlating with consumer inclinations. TechAspect’s mobile strategy has three primary approaches starting with the development of Native iOS/Android Apps based mobile apps and re-calibrating the existing website using responsive web design. The company’s expertise in this space has helped leading customers to optimize their mobile presence making utmost sense for their businesses.
A highly customer centric approach and continuous adaptation and responsiveness to new technologies and changing trends have helped TechAspect forge a strong partnership with its clients.

TechAspect has extensive experience on HP Autonomy TeamSite, Adobe Experience Manager and Sitecore with complementary platforms, including Google Search Appliance, HP IDOL, Coveo, Eloqua, Demandbase, Microsoft Dynamics, and Google Analytics. Responsive designing of various websites bring in platform consistency and easy development using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript Frameworks like JQuery wherever required. Over a period of 15 years, TechAspect has encapsulated commonly used functionalities into reuseable components thereby accelerating time to market for clients. There is an ever increasing focus on improving brand visibility and revenue generation through online sales, within tight budgetary constraints. With these key goals in mind, companies are reaching out to TechAspect to help grow their web presence and accelerate business conversion while keeping implementation costs to a minimum. Paychex,a leading provider of payroll and human resource services,needed to streamline and accelerate the publication time of accurate customer news and information. TechAspect delivered an optimal solution with Autonomy TeamSite CMS by consolidating multiple process flows for publishing content into a single process. The process optimization timed down publishing time to less than a few minutes, encapsulated the entire site by page layout standardization and implemented more than 50 components. 90 percent of the new microsites and language sites were created using reusable components. The project mobile-friendly design, development of responsive comps and CMS components, content entry,quality assurance and deployment.

While the short term strategy at TechAspect is to further service offerings in social media,analytics,Big Data, e-commerce and mobility domains,the future foresees compatible products and services aligned with emerging technology trends such as, behavior based anticipatory computing,wearable computing and the Internet of Things.


Fremont, CA

Rajiv Rohmetra, Co-Founder

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