TechBlocks: Content Management as a Strategic Operational Strategy

In recent years, the arena of Document Management (DM) has evolved into much more than a simple digital file folder. It has matured into a strategic operational strategy that impacts more than just IT departments. It is now regarded as a facilitator of collaboration and communication, a hub for decision making, and an enabler of automation tools that streamline business processes across multiple departments.

TechBlocks, an IT consulting and solutions firm that is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, specializes in building DM solutions for their clients that are primarily focused on providing an improved user experience allowing people to share, collaborate and facilitate communications across devices, platforms, and users without compromising access or security.

“The integration of social collaboration with document and records management today provides organizations with immense opportunity to promote adoption with a much better user experience” says Prashant Kumar, Senior Vice President, Solutions & Strategy at TechBlocks. “Our most successful clients are the ones who see this and recognize that they must innovate their DM solution into a strategic operational strategy and not just an IT decision.”

Designing of the required products starts with putting the needs, priorities, and success of our customers first

The DM solutions that TechBlocks’ builds for their clients combine security, flexibility, and scalability. They not only significantly reduce IT costs but also improve business productivity, efficiency and customer engagement because they come with an agility that allows for a smooth flow of relevant information across platforms.

As a testament to TechBlocks’ client success, Koodo Mobile, a Canadian based Mobile Network Operator, recently approached TechBlocks to aid in the creation of their online self-serve FAQportal. In just a few months TechBlocks built a portal that that combined digital asset management with a publishing engine and specialized content management system to automate the creation and navigation of new FAQs submitted by non-technical personnel.
Prashant Kumar, Senior Vice President, Solutions & Strategy
Through this portal, Koodo was able to significantly improve customer engagement while drastically reducing their call center traffic volume. However, the real excitement was seen in the 50 percent increase in customer satisfaction for Koodo.

TechBlocks’ approach stands out from that of a traditional consulting firm in that they harness both their technical expertise and business acumen in order to architect customized solutions that empower their clients to carry out their day-to-day business processes efficiently. “Our objective at Techblocks is to always map technology to the business. We want technology to work for our clients, not against them” explains Prashant Kumar, El Captain at TechBlocks.

Techblocks states that the expertise they have garnered over the years in designing their unique solutions is a byproduct of their customer focused mentality. “Designing of the products starts with putting the needs, priorities, and success of our customer's first,” says Prashant. “We carry out hundreds of conversations in a day, where we validate trends, discuss ideas, and propose solutions that enable us to get the feedback from the market and to listen to what the real-world challenges are.”

Techblocks prides themselves in being a passionate group of innovators who believe in an out-of-the box approach. Prashant says, “Each member of my team is passionate about our business and that transcends to our success, our clients, and their customers”. For TechBlocks, the employees and the clients are at the heart of everything they do and they are what, motivates them to consistently go the extra mile and not only enjoy their own success but the success of their clients.

Going forward, Techblocks is aiming to become a commendable figure in the new age of IT consulting. “We want to be known by wider audience for leading the new wave of technology consulting firms that provides a unique blend of strategy, user experience and technology,” states Prashant.


Ontario, Canada

Prashant Kumar, Senior Vice President, Solutions & Strategy

The company builds secure, flexible, and scalable customized solutions that reduce costs and significantly improves business productivity