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Quanetta Lewis, President and CEO
With key HR data being held by outgrowing legacy systems, businesses today are hamstrung with various inefficiencies, including the risk of minimum researching options and implementing changes into systems. To solve this, they implement expensive HR tech upgrades, but most of the legacy systems are incompatible with newer systems. This leads to compartmentalized data sources and siloed functional areas. As a result, organizations often fall out of compliance due to system inefficiencies and to advancing requirements outstripping capabilities. Further, they also lose staffing resources due to the lack of internal development opportunities, either real or perceived.

That’s where TechCORE Management Solutions Services can help.

With an extensive experience in integrating IT, finance, and HR advances into scalable solutions, TechCORE MSS specializes in bringing enterprise users into the mission-focused conversations they need to have for powerful results. “We constantly look ahead for evolving capabilities that can be incorporated into our responsive solutions,” says Quanetta Lewis, the President/CEO at TechCORE MSS. TechCORE MSS utilizes AI algorithms and data science to analyze benefits utilization traits, track staff skills, identify internal candidates for opportunities, predict turnover, and preserve corporate human capital. “Strategically, we have always worked with low-code, scalable platforms to deliver agile, adaptable services with near-zero technical debt,” states Quanetta. Further, TechCORE MSS ensures that project implementation happens rapidly across an entire enterprise, between specific departments or user groups, and test-piloted in key component areas to deliver new insights, new capabilities, and new results.

At its core, TechCORE MSS has developed a DCAA-compliant time/attendance solution called Employee Resourcing Application (ERA). Based on Appian low code technology, it is the ultimate distributed application, helping clients track time, attendance, location and more in a simple to use app, while inculcating accountability across an organization. ERA delivers compliance checks and balances demonstrated through compliance reporting. “We have extensive experience in helping clients reorganize their legacy systems to better centralize, manage, and monitor their contracts—without the internal bottlenecks, instability, and exposure to risk from manual intervention,” mentions Quanetta.

Using the TechCORE MSS RPA Automation processes for ERA includes benefits such as improving turnaround time for onboarding, 100% accurate background checks, automating leave of absences approvals, attracting the best talent by offering unique benefits in a cost-effective way, and ensuring data governance and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.

ERA enables organizations to provide a seamless, paperless onboarding experience to employees. “Clients can ensure consistent employee onboarding with pre-defined and customizable workflows for various employee types like FTE, 1099, C2C,” Quanetta adds.

Strategically, we have always worked with low-code, scalable platforms to deliver agile, adaptable services with near-zero technical debt

Managers can easily track real-time progress, even receiving alerts on open and completed items. BGC and drug test processes complete within days. “ERA allows clients to have all employee professional info, contact info, onboarding forms, projects, skills, certifications, resume, documents, background and drug check, PTO, etc. in a single dashboard which makes it easy to find, track and securely share information,” Quanetta adds.

TechCORE MSS’s team applies expertise across a spectrum of BPM and CRM solution delivery services for HR tech, including case management, contract, and acquisition management, mobile development, cloud migration, business process re-engineering, and improvement (BPR and BPI), wrap and renew enterprise application modernization, operations/maintenance support, and training. “Our low-code and RPA certified practitioners ensure that we are up to date with cutting-edge products and functionality,” states Quanetta.TechCORE MSS offers both low code and RPA development training to clients, industry professionals, and private individuals. And, in support of the Veteran community—of which Quanetta is a part—the company offers “Enablement for Vets.” This is a program solely created to provide veterans a platform to get skilled in the latest robotic process automation (RPA) technology, including job counselling, training, mentoring, and other internal advancement opportunities.

What differentiates TechCORE MSS is that the company’s consultants are life-cycle specialists who see “where clients are” and map the HR technical journey to “where clients want to be.” “Clients want clear-enterprise-wide communication, and exceptional experience,” Quanetta shares. “Guided by more than 25 years of IT, finance, and HR experience, our consultants empower divisions, departments and processes to optimally contribute to bottom-line growth.”

TechCORE Management Solutions Services

Stafford, VA

Quanetta Lewis, President and CEO

With over 25 years of experience of integrating IT, finance and HR advances into scalable solutions, TechCORE MSS specialises in bringing enterprise users into the mission-focused conversations they need to have for powerful results