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Quanetta Lewis, President and CEO In the enterprise world, contracts underpin how organizations function - the bigger the business, the more contracts there are to manage. Medium to large-sized organizations are often found struggling with manual approaches to contract management—inevitably inviting chaos.
Specifically, effective contract management requires granular activities at each stage of a contract’s lifecycle. A manual system cannot support the associated intricacy. Organizations using spreadsheets for complex tasks and record-keeping waste valuable resources on administrative work, inviting errors.
Now, for increasingly geographically dispersed team members, localized databases of contracts can easily lead to disparate data and inconsistent ways of working. The COVID-19 pandemic has impelled organizations to allow remote work for employees, a situation becoming a ‘new normal’ for many, meaning traditional paper-based contract management’s inadequacies will increase stress on proper functioning and management. Complicating these issues, while stakeholders expand and contract volume increases, enterprises must still meet stringent regulations or different compliance requirements, especially those within the healthcare, pharma, and financial services industries.

Enter The Innovative World of TechCORE MSS.

TechCORE MSS helps clients by offering an Enterprise Contract Management (ECM) Solution that provides visibility and control over their contracts and processes. The solution addresses the requirements of diverse markets and industries, including IT, federal, healthcare, financial, insurance, retail, audit and accounting, realty, legal, and telecommunications. “ECM is synonymous to effective “program management,” critical especially on large, complex programs to deliver quality execution while ensuring each of the triple constraints (schedule, cost and scope) is maintained in balance and having systems in place to effectively manage changes of scope,” says Quanetta Lewis, TechCORE MSS President and CEO at. “TechCORE MSS leads, because with our 15+ years of building Low Code Solutions, and Robotic Process Automations (RPA), businesses gain quick wins in automating and simplifying business processes.”

Improving Every Facet of the Contract Acquistion Management Lifecycle

TechCORE MSS ECM Program Management Services offered include Project, Financial, Schedule, Quality, Data, Risk, and Change Management functions. They have developed a DCAA-compliant time/attendance solution called Employee Resourcing Application (ERA); Appian-based technology; Bluetooth enabled helping clients track time, attendance, location and more in a simple to use app; Compliance checks and balances demonstrated through compliance reporting. Their portfolio also includes their Appian based Contract Acquisition MANagement System (CAManS), as pictured, which provides full contract and subcontracting lifecycle management capabilities including acquisition, creation (RFI, RFQ, RFP), distribution, decisioning, award, record management and maintenance of a contract. Additionally, the system comes with full audit capabilities and reporting. In each module, clients leverage the latest integration and digital transformation technologies automating processes using RPA and an API library allowing the app to connect to almost any data source. “We have extensive experience in helping clients reorganize their legacy systems to better centralize, manage, and monitor their contracts—without the internal bottlenecks, instability, and exposure to risk from manual intervention,” mentions Quanetta.

We have extensive experience in helping clients reorganize their legacy systems to better centralize, manage, and monitor their contracts

TechCORE MSS transforms enterprises using its innovation lab, a cloud-based Digital Transformation environment with various deployed ECM applications, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) technologies, RPA technologies, and sample datasets representing clients’ environments. For example, for a commercial healthcare client, ML is used to make sense of terms and clauses from digitized contract text and AI techniques for Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Semantic Analytics for auto segmentation of Contract Clauses, Risk Identification, and Risk Management. TechCORE MSS’s solutions improve all facets of the contract acquisition management life cycle, such as data and repository management, workflows, and RPA, to scale contract management operations. This enables businesses to evolve to the next stage of contract legal operations. “TechCORE MSS’ ECM innovative approaches are applied to the contract lifecycle including contract request, authoring and review, negotiations and signing, and risk management and compliance to solve the clients’ ECM pain points,” says Quanetta.

Intriguing Instances of Client Success

Vermont Agency of Transportation, needing to manage construction contracts related to engineering financial management actively, was looking for a service provider who was responsive and reliable to conduct application improvements, resolve application issues, and readily available for on-demand application support services.

TechCORE MSS, working in liaison with Vermont Agency of Transportation, provided analysis and assessment for the data existing on their current contract management application. This spotlighted the gaps in functionality and requirements needed to launch the construction contracts’ financial management solution. TechCORE MSS consultants met the client to develop a project schedule and remediate any critical issues or risks with the application, then determined a user testing plan to gather initial solution feedback before training and launch. The consultants developed an automated process for the client during user training and supported training efforts where needed. The company then reviewed feedback with the client, created a change request modification list, and developed new process models and enhancements based on requirements. Finally, the application was launched ahead of schedule with a high adoption rating.

Always pushing, TechCORE MSS supported one of its manufacturing clients to build an innovative IoT solution. The company designed and implemented a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) platform that employed the latest converging technologies like, Mobility, Cloud, AI/ML, Data Science, and Sensors.

TechCORE MSS implemented 15 RPA digital workers to automate the ERP data extraction and interface with MS Excel and MS Access, produce daily reports, and perform validation checks. This ultimately helped in creating Journal Vouchers (JV) within the client’s database. Also, automation helped the manufacturer improve accuracy and reduce errors while increasing the speed of delivering their financial reports to executives.
They saved approximately over 1400 manual hours annually. “Additionally, our team implemented a second RPA automation project for their human resources division. These automations are used to transfer data between two different HR systems whenever an employee receives a bonus or incentive,” adds Quanetta. “A third RPA implementation extracts information from email requests for recruiting and retention funds and check an HR billing system to ensure that there are available funds to disburse.”

In another high-tech innovation, TechCORE MSS team has developed a real-time AI vision-based solution for context setting detection, PPE compliance requirements, and temperature deviations. The solution is extended to a health risk-based profile in Phase 2 with the integration of wearables for critical health parameters. Also, it ensures improved safety of risk areas like quarantine facilities with proximity detection based on existing cameras within the hospital facility.

A Relentless Drive to Success

Such instances of client success always give TechCORE MSS the impetus to grow and help businesses accelerate cycle times and reduce operational costs. Its Center of Excellence (COE) Experts strive to unburden project managers and project teams with their knowledge, experience, and skill. The company also has a unique blend of socio/economic certifications allowing them to add content and technical knowledge and to add diversification to the prime contractor team for a competitive procurement advantage. Having a long history of working with multiple businesses enables TechCORE MSS to provide clients access to efficient ECM offerings that need to show participation with small-business and diversity-certified firms.

“ECM is crucial to a company’s ability to achieve its business goals. Unstructured contracts lead to damage of reputation, loss of trust, and even loss of clients. The correct use of ECM allows companies to earn back the time, money and resources lost by previously disorganized contracts. And when it comes to ECM, it is all about: DO IT - DO IT RIGHT - DO IT RIGHT NOW! And that’s where we excel,” concludes Quanetta.

TechCORE MSS is an Automation Anywhere Federal Partner supporting our Service Veterans and their families by training them on the latest RPA technologies from Automation Anywhere, the A360 platform. In fact, TechCORE has been training Veterans and their families on IT technologies for years and as a fellow Veteran, Quanetta Lewis, CEO of TechCORE MSS is a VA Certified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). Quanetta is proud to join forces with Neeti Mehta Shukla, co-founder of Automation Anywhere who has spearheaded several of Automation Anywhere’s largest Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives to help today’s workforce reskill. Neeti also introduced Automation Anywhere’s Women’s Empowerment Circle, helping women build skills and confidence for career advancement and leadership through networking, coaching, mentorship, sharing best practices, and sponsorship. These Powerhouse Women in industry and their companies joining forces provide a game changing approach to meet the needs of an automation-driven future while ensuring intelligent automation is utilized responsibly and to humanity’s benefit.
TechCORE MSS has been working with Automation Anywhere to develop a robust approach to RPA training to include virtual instructor led and in-person instructor led training coined “Enablement for Vets.” Together our companies are focused on providing the people that serve our country the opportunity to be upskilled in the workplace. “As a fellow Veteran, it is important to me to provide an opportunity in the workforce to fellow Veterans” said Quanetta Lewis. Join the “Enablement for Vets” program today by visiting


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Quanetta Lewis, President and CEO

TechCORE MSS helps clients by offering an Enterprise Contract Management Solution that provides visibility and control over their contracts and processes. The solution addresses the requirements of diverse markets and industries, including IT, federal, healthcare, financial, insurance, retail, audit and accounting, realty, legal, and telecommunications, etc. Representative ECM program management services offered by the company include project, financial, schedule, quality, data, risk, and change management functions. They are also developing an APP using Appian software to provide a DCAA-compliant time/attendance solution Application. It can also be Bluetooth enabled to help clients track time and attendance based on a person’s location, movement, or other factors.