TechDemocracy: A Holistic Approach to SOA Requirements Coupled With EAI

Companies operating at multiple-levels with human involvement rely on secure and seamless information collaboration; this requires deployment of a flexible SOA solution which ensures smooth running of businesses. But, in today’s dynamic IT environment, companies are facing hurdles in their path to implement SOA in an effective manner like altering of infrastructure, change in method of solution deployment models and changing application designs. In order to address these challenges and establish uninterrupted communication between disparate software systems and multiple applications, CIOs are on the lookout for a flexible middleware that enables complete business integration and make their company operations ready for future changes. “With TechDemocracy’s SOA Suite approach, businesses will notice value at every stage of the SOA continuum, from departmental projects to enterprise-wide initiatives,” says Anant Kadiyala, Vice President of Technology Services, TechDemocracy.

Headquartered in Edison, NJ, TechDemocracy offers specialized services in SOA along with many other cross-platform IT requirements for companies across various industry verticals. In addition, TechDemocracy delivers assessment services to scrutinize the prevalent SOA practices along with touches on aspects of security, including identity propagation, access control, confidentiality, and defining the role of each architectural layer in the overall end-to-end security to its clients.

TechDemocracy also offers consultancy in architectural guidance following best practices in SOA implementation along with vendor selection. In addition to these, the company provides solutions in Business Automation, Enterprise Application Integration, Enterprise Data and Information Integration, Legacy Integration and develops customized SOA application. TechDemocracy works closely with Oracle Product Management to develop primary beneficial tools in SOA implementation and approaches to serve its customer through their holistic suite approach. The company offers a scalable SOA solution which can consolidate the existing applications along with incorporating newer technologies in secured shared platforms. Clients save money through standardization and higher utilization of shared platforms across multiple applications while performing at an optimum level. Some of the organizations which use TechDemocracy’s SOA solutions are Princeton University, U.S Department of Housing, Nike and Public Welfare and Fresenius Medical Care.
The company’s SOA offerings enable its clients to be prepared for any business process change owing to the expertise and experience of its personnel. In addition, to fulfilling the SOA needs of the client, TechDemocracy’s SOA platform enables its client to provide visibility across their business processes so that their clients can deliver better performance to their customers. This solves the problem of inability to access related information by workers in real-time enabling them to make critical business decisions. This Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) enables TechDemocracy’s clients to meet immediate requirements.

With the SOA Suite approach, businesses will notice value at every stage of the SOA continuum, from departmental projects to enterprise-wide initiatives

TechDemocracy has deep rooted solutions and services in the healthcare industry, catering to clients including state hospitals, government bodies as well as private hospitals, practitioners. The complex system of Healthcare Industry requires a versatile platform to share information - patients require software, which will give them the options while doctors need critical information to cure patients, and administrators need information in pretty much in all facets of business operations. The major trends such as Care Co-ordination, ACO, population health, Workflow Automation – have a strong Systems Integration aspect to it-this is where TechDemocracy expertise comes handy in connecting these dots.

The road ahead for TechDemocracy is to break into newer verticals and expand its presence in the SOA implementation market along with increasing its global footprint outside US and India.


Edison, NJ

Anant Kadiyala, Vice President of Technology Services

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