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Stefan Willkommer, CEO
As a well-known shoe manufacturer, the German brand Gabor achieved high sales via traditional stationary channels. Even when online shops and online pure players began to establish themselves, Gabor hesitated to use the digital channels because they were basically loyal to their retail partners. Over time, they noticed that over 30 percent of shoe sales in the market were online and soon realized they needed to pursue a robust digital sales strategy. Together with TechDivision, they developed a platform that could be seen as groundbreaking for an entire industry. As a Magento Enterprise Solutions Partner, TechDivision specializes in providing holistic solutions to digitally optimize its customers' sales processes. With Gabor, they developed a business model that they call the "Multi-Retail Marketplace" from which the company's online shop emerged. Customers can now purchase Gabor products from the comfort of their own home, but most of the products are delivered via the affiliated retail stores. This enables Gabor to satisfy the needs of the end customer on the one hand and still allow the retail partners to participate in the business on the other. An excellent example of how a business model can be changed through digitization. This was confirmed once again by the Magento Excellence Award for Omnichannel at Magento Imagine, the leading Industry Event in May 2019 as well as the Magento Spirit of Excellence Award 2019 for one of the leading Magento Partners in EMEA.

TechDivision was founded with the vision of delivering unique open source e-commerce solutions. As a Magento Enterprise Partner, TechDivision enables its customers to optimally adapt to the growing demands of e-commerce and its necessity and provide a seamless digital experience for consumers. As companies struggled to make changes to their business model, TechDivision decided to help them make strategic, digitally-driven decisions. By integrating various services as part of their solution package, such as digital marketing, agile approaches and strategic consulting, they want to enable clients to build a strong digital presence. “We are not a technology provider, we are digital enablers for our customers,” says Stefan Willkommer, co-founder and CEO of the company.

We are not a technology provider, we are digital enablers for our clients

Whether B2B or B2C, retailers and brands must pursue digital strategies to increase sales. However, many of them have difficulty changing their distribution structure and often do not have the infrastructure to accommodate a new business model. Retailers who have been on the market for over 100 years using traditional sales methods are now looking for digitization solutions. TechDivision's mission is to help these companies understand the digital world while being flexible in deploying robust infrastructures to achieve a more streamlined digital sales and marketing process. Because an online channel requires a completely different approach, TechDivision helps its customers succeed in the digital world.

TechDivision always first checks the status quo of its customers before designing and implementing its solutions. Depending on the existing processes, tools and competencies of the employees, TechDivision develops the most appropriate and digitally conductive business models that reflect current market trends. According to Stefan, “this process is not only about transforming the customer's business, but also about managing his business on a daily basis.” To achieve this, the customer’s employees are also involved early in the solution development and implementation process so that they can acquire the appropriate knowledge to quickly get up and running with the operational tasks.

Having established itself as an integrated provider of e-commerce and digitization solutions, the company plans to further establish itself on the European market in order to support companies in the introduction of new methods in an agile manner. In addition to strategic progress, they are also striving to promote the introduction of new tools among employees in their customers” companies. “Our solution is not only limited to strategy and technology, but also includes employees and working methods of our customers” concludes Willkommer.


Bavaria, Germany

Stefan Willkommer, CEO

As a Magento Solutions Partner, they assist companies in delivering a digital experience. They help their clients make strategic decisions given the rapidly changing market. By designing a comprehensive business model, they enable organizations to run their business on a daily basis. In order to successfully implement the new business approach, they develop new tools and methodologies. In a nutshell, they empower companies to deliver an end to end brand experience