TechExcel: Improving the Way Companies Deliver Products and Services with Intelligent PPM

CIO VendorTieren Zhou, CEO
As IT organizations move from a cost center to an integral part of business infrastructure, service and support management functions must rely on a single version of truth to ensure the optimization of processes that will lead to business growth. TechExcel helps modern enterprises obtain this ‘single version of truth” with an innovative PPM solution that provides a comprehensive and real-time view of all internal and external processes and resources that enhances the management practices for all of an organization’s project and program portfolios.

Headquartered in Lafayette, CA, TechExcel develops intelligent software solutions that optimize business processes. “TechExcel seamlessly integrates web, wireless, and client/server technologies to provide companies with the power and flexibility needed to better manage their business,” explains Tieren. The company’s innovative solutions enable enterprises to focus on the strategic goals of product design, project planning, development and testing, while achieving transparency on all customer-facing initiatives.

TechExcel’s DevPPM, a product portfolio management solution, as part of DevSuite, the company’s Application Lifecycle Management solution,is specifically designed to manage hybrid agile projects as well as pure agile and traditional development projects. The DevPPM solution provides software teams with a comprehensive and real-time view of all internal and external processes and resources that enhances the management practices of an organization’s project and program portfolios. The solution integrates across all DevSuite modules bridging the gap between development teams communicating project status, managers reporting progress, and decision-makers quantifying projects with the greatest business value.

For an elaborate understanding of DevSuite consider the example of Wyndgate Technologies, one the foremost suppliers of information management systems for blood centers and hospital transfusion centers.

We help our customers implement their projects in an agile way

Since the company serves range blood banks, communications with all the channels of product development phase was crucial. The customer had no project management application in place to monitor its workflows, which caused complications in project management. Wyndgate switched to TechExcel DevSuite for a proper PPM application. TechExcel worked to eliminate disjointed email communication and institute a single project plan that could be updated by the geographically dispersed development teams. With TechEXcel solution, the client drastically improved process and project times—from concept to completion.

For IT service and support management projects requiring PPM, TechExcel offers ProjectPlan. The innovative solution provides integrated project planning and resource management for IT managers and service teams. It gives managers complete control over project information, scheduling, and resource management through real-time integration with TechExcel’s IT service management software ServiceWise, and TechExcel’s CRM solution CustomerWise. “ProjectPlan has enterprise grade project management features like Gantt charts, resource scheduling, project baseline, milestone management, reporting, and process automation. It is the ideal tool to meet the ever-changing complexities of modern project management,” notes Tieren.

Going forward, TechExcel is looking for more innovative solutions to simplify and manage the entire project lifecycle. “We will help our customers to implement their projects in an agile way. Next year we are releasing new versions of DevSuite and ServiceWise that will meet the needs of the project management industry in a better way,” concludes Tieren.


Lafayette, CA

Tieren Zhou, CEO

A company that provides unified Application Lifecycle Management as well as support and service solutions that bridge the divide between product development and service and support