Technical Innovation: Delivering the Power of Immersive Technology

CIO VendorMike Landrum, CEO
When business accelerates across cities, states, and international borders, C-level executives demand quality collaboration, anywhere on the globe, as they interact with other executives, vendors, and clients. The traditional way of meeting, organized around various travel arrangements requiring increasing budget expenditure each year, typically consumes a valuable amount of time and resources. Immersive collaborative technology has dramatically changed the equation.

Among Corporate leaders today though, it is a common understanding that travel and time can be added back into budgets while never sacrificing quality communication, regardless of distance or location. “We can alleviate the need of having to travel nationally or internationally for that matter, by building a highly functional board room experience to satisfy the need of face-to-face communication,” says Technical Innovation’s CEO, Mike Landrum. “Technical Innovation delivers a comprehensive solution that balances technology and budget to ensure long-term success”. So, in order to achieve the quality collaboration that corporate leaders desire, organizations will need the right tools and that is what Technical Innovation provides within the framework of highly effective business workflows. With its global headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, Technical Innovation architects video networks for some of the world’s largest Enterprises, harnessing the power of digital media for visual communication.

TI designs video-centric solutions to meet the customer’s long-term business plan. “Large or small, no two projects are the same, so clients receive a finished solution that fits their business goals,” says Landrum. TI’s Enterprise Video Communications (EVC) group helps companies communicate and collaborate through the use of video-centric and unified communication technologies. “Technical Innovation provides solutions for clients that utilize a variety of devices from immersive telepresence, VTC carts, or huddle room systems to personal mobile tablets, all of which are accelerated by recent BYOD trends,” says Charles Crawford, EVC’s Director of Technical Operations.

Large or small, no two projects are the same, so clients receive a finished solution that fits their business goals

Software has increased the capabilities around “Integrated Technology”, and Technical Innovation is taking Audio and Visual Integration to a new level. The company’s system designers create solutions that successfully merge data and visual streaming technology into the facilities in which they are implemented; architecting seamless solutions within the building's infrastructure and IT systems. “Our expertise is merging current technology with emerging technologies. Such as streaming video, on-demand rich media, collaborative video, and digital archiving and retrieval, among others, are quickly becoming the systems that enterprises utilize minute to minute in the business,” comments Chris Johnson, CTO at Technical Innovation. “The ability to deliver complex and useful technology in a simple manner, yields scalability and greater return on investment inside the business,” he adds.

The company holds designations as a Cisco Premier Partner with an Advanced Technology (ATP) authorization for Cisco Telepresence Video Master, as well as being a Polycom Gold Partner. “TI can help you as well - enjoy a better way to work with video,” says Landrum. With 75 years of business, Technical Innovation has provided market leading video-centric communication solutions to corporations, state and federal government agencies, universities, professional organizations, and houses of worship. “It is not an easy task to consistently deliver excellence to our customers, but that desire serves as our continuing inspiration,” explains Landrum. “Clients come to TI for our experience, guidance, and vision; and our team goal is to exceed their expectations. We continuously strive to increase our knowledge, improve our deliverables, and expand on the value that we provide to our clients.”

Technical Innovation

Atlanta, GA

Mike Landrum, CEO and Chris Johnson CTO, Charles Crawford, Director of Operations

Offers best-of-class, video-centric communication solutions and design-build system integration services.