Technocrats Domain: The Holistic and Quality-centric Data Integration Service Provider

Venu Gunda, Practice Director
The conference room at Technocrats Domain office in Houston, TX, is rapidly transforming into a “Deliberation Chamber.” The gap analysis between the client’s existing technology elements and requirements is quickly gaining momentum. The aim is to identify the touchpoints and comprehend the stakeholders about thedata integration project. Talks levitate to action—the high-level analysis will soon be shaped by determining the technologies that can support the project. As the next steps, the Technocrats Domain team will deliver the project’s onsite design and will further develop and perform unit testing through its offshore office in India. Simultaneously, it enables them to provide deliverables in every few weeks to avoid any “surprises.” “It all boils down to analyzing the project and delivering a set of resources and technology stacks that will fit in, and finally implementing an agile way of development,” deemed Venu Gunda, Practice Director at Technocrats Domain. Such scenes are played over many times at Technocrats Domain, a company that thrives in delivering core competency in data integration, cloud, digital and reporting arena, using various platforms and technologies from Salesforce, Informatica, ServiceNow, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Talend, Kofax (OCR), etc. The company’s competency is backed up by its expert workforce with many individuals who have over ten years of experience.

There is a clear rationale behind Technocrats Domain being a quality-centric service provider for over 18 years, with a customer retention rate over 95 percent. To pursue successfulIntegration and Reporting projects, organizations would have to get through a long check-list of key challenges that encompass visibility into business process transactions, performance during peak loads, the ability to do user self-service with lesser reliance on IT, and carry out 24/7 monitoring. Technocrats Domain addresses these concerns by utilizing B2B solutions that provide end-to-end visibility by creating data models that enable businesses to capture key metrics with limited support of IT. The company has been managing services for customers with its onshore-offshore model, which enables Technocrats Domain to support them 24/7.
“Data integration solutions have evolved from point-topoint connectivity between applications to enterprise application integration (EAI) to service-oriented architecture (SOA) to application programming interface (API). To this end, we provide managed services for customers using our onshore-offshore model in technologies such as Cloud (Salesforce, ServiceNow, Talend, AWS, Azure, Oracle), EAI (IBM DataPower, ITX, Sterling, IIB, BizTalk, Tibco), ETL (Informatica, Microsoft SSIS, Infosphere), Digital (OCR, ICR, RPA) and reporting (Tableau, PowerBI, Cognos),” mentions Gunda.

By understanding that each project needs are different and businesses need a tailored solution to their client’s problems, Technocrats Domain offers a wide range of IT managed services, which utilizes proven IT and management methodologies to achieve world-class results. The company’s best practices and development of SDLC models result in true bottom-line results, providing measurable benefits to the clients. For instance, Gunda mentions that for one of the supply-chain customers, Technocrats Domain was the primary provider of integration services and was called in when the SAP team was not able to address on time the standardization of address data. Technocrats Domain’s team performed quick integration and data cleansing work, utilizing Microsoft technologies (.Net, SSIS, SQL) to invoke USPS CASS certified data and compare it with the SAP address information. Furthermore, the team created threshold rules and updated the data to a standard format. Standardized data was loaded to SAP using IBMEAI Technologies. This eliminated a major issue of data not being standardized before the SAP HANA upgrade.

Having carved a unique niche for itself by helping numerous such clients in different industry verticals, Technocrats Domain’s services have always been geared toward providing value to the customer at a very competitive price with around-the-clock services, utilizing its managed services model. Currently, the company is providing services in USA, Canada, and the UK, and are expanding in Europe. Technocrats is anticipating that its cloud, digital, data integration business will grow well over 50% in the next couple of years.

Technocrats Domain

Venu Gunda, Practice Director

Technocrats Domain, Inc. (TCD) has been providing staffing, consulting, training, and outsourcing services since 2000. TCD is a Houston, Texas-based ISO-Certified IT Service Provider, Advanced IBM Partner, Salesforce Partner, and Minority Certified company. They assist all companies focusing on broadening their IT reach, plus other related services. Their loyal, experienced staff and reliable resources enable us to serve large and medium-sized corporations effectively. They are here to serve their customers, new or returning with excellent quality service and helpful, certified staff.