Technology Advisors: Improving End-user Adoptability through Comprehensive Services

Sam Biardo, Co-Founder
Though contemporary CRM systems like Sugar CRM, Infor CRM, and Microsoft CRM are quintessential, their overall success is determined by adoption rates. End-users often find it challenging to adapt to CRM systems due to the complexity of integrating CRM software with other enterprise applications. Sam Biardo, Co-Founder of Technology Advisors says, “Most customers do not want to pay for adoption. But we counter that resistance by promoting training and follow-up sessions for the entire project staff to improve the adoption rate”. Technology Advisors leverages CRM strategies and technology solutions based on client feedback received from its Transition Management Team (TMT) through their suite of comprehensive services and product offerings.

Technology Advisors, headquartered in Des Plaines, IL, has a specialized team to initiate these comprehensive services and facilitate lead generation based on consumer interest in products or services. Clients can then use the information to design and organize drip marketing campaigns. “In addition to list building, we help measure the results of the campaign, track leads and qualification rates, and provide web analytics,” says Biardo. Technology Advisors’ team helps turn the lead into an opportunity by providing data augmentation tools and social information tracking to build up the sales process and Configure Price Quote (CPQ).

Technology Advisors’ most advanced tool, Starfish ETL (Extract Transform Load), migrates existing CRMs and integrates customer data across multiple systems. “The Starfish ETL tool kit has more than 50 of most common data migrations pre-built into it,” says Biardo. The integration is facilitated through a pre-designed, but customizable framework that can change to meet the needs of the individual client. For example, Microsoft CRM can be integrated with Sugar CRM or Infor CRM, and Sage 100 ERP can integrate with Microsoft CRM or Infor CRM. Technology Advisors manages customer platforms both on-premise and in the cloud with upgrades and patches. “We also provide outsourced administrator services with a comprehensive program to enhance all the implemented modules annually,” states Biardo.

In addition to list building, we help measure the results of the campaign, track leads and qualification rates, and provide web analytics

Technology Advisors’ services have helped businesses effectively organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support. In one instance, one of the nation’s largest equipment distributor companies had a disrupted security model managing their 10 divisions of sales and workforce. The model was too complex for any CRM to handle, so Technology Advisors seamlessly integrated security requirements using Starfish ETL. The company’s customized approach helped the client re-develop their initial 2,000 user implementation in less than a year for each division.

Technology Advisors’ sets itself apart from competitors by thoroughly monitoring the implementation strategy it develops to make sure costs remain low for its clients. For example, the widgets created for one project are incorporated into a library and can be re-used for the next client. Also, a personalized mobile solution, built in-house through the web server layer, helps customers streamline their field sales process.

Most recently, Technology Advisors has targeted its focus to services for the public sector. The company built Citizen Relationship Management software, which integrates into the asset management system of a municipality. “The software is purposed with streamlining the process of reporting issues and making sure the citizen knows the status of their requests,” concludes Biardo.

Technology Advisors

Des Plaines, IL

Sam Biardo, Co-Founder

Technology Advisors provide CRM strategies and technology solutions through its Comprehensive Services and Product offerings.