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Tim Delesio, Chief Technology Officer, Luv Tulsidas, Founder & CEO and Mal Marpaka, Chief Operations Officer "Innovation done right – is the secret to success for enterprises in this decade," says Luv Tulsidas, founder and CEO of Techolution.

Techolution is a highly specialized consulting firm that is known for delivering meaningful innovation for clients at a fixed cost by leveraging the power of enterprise cloud, product engineering, and real world AI.

Executive leaders know that they have to innovate their businesses rapidly and aggressively in order to survive and thrive in the current environment. Doing innovation right is a 3 step process with the first step being enterprise grade cloud transformation.

It is very hard for established enterprises to migrate to the cloud given the legacy they’ve accumulated over the years. If this is not done right, it will become difficult to accomplish the downstream transformations that are required to keep up with rapidly changing customer needs.

Responding to the Industry Crisis

For enterprises today, innovation projects are focused on improving customer experience, boosting profits, and meeting ESG goals. However, over 80 percent of these projects fail to deliver on their intended outcome due to the current business model of the current IT Consulting industry not being aligned with the outcome time and material billing approach of technology service integrators.

“Innovation done right – is the secret to success for enterprises in this decade.”

The time and material model allows system integrators to focus on IT aspects of transformation projects, without achieving meaningful business outcomes. They charge for their effort because there is a high risk in offering innovation at a fixed price, due to the unpredictable nature of building something new. They get paid no matter what the ROI of the project ends up being for the client. In fact, the whole industry is incentivized to complicate projects and extend timelines further because they get paid more for billing the client for time and effort.

This is where Techolution differentiates itself from the rest of the industry. "Customers love our unique selling point. We align our incentives with theirs. “We innovate at a fixed price for our clients and deliver outcomes that matter. With Techolution, clients need to only pay when we deliver outcomes, not for the effort" says Mal Marpaka, COO of Techolution. The company's revolutionary solution is a testament to its ability and willingness to take ownership of clients' innovation endeavors, helping them reach their end goals on time while minimizing the risk.
Recognizing the fact that it's difficult to make predictions around innovation, "We offer strategy and design at no cost. We even write the requirements for our customers and then deliver the vision at hyper velocity at a fixed price. This is why we believe the CIO Review Magazine subscribers chose us as the Top Cloud Migration provider of the year" says Tim Delesio, CTO of Techolution.

Taking the Ideal Path for Innovation

Techolution's roadmap for successful enterprise innovation entails three key components, starting with a rock solid enterprise-grade cloud foundation.

In this decade, real enterprise innovation can only happen with businesses having a solid cloud infrastructure foundation. Techolution has developed proprietary IP that helps deliver the benefits of enterprise-grade cloud to clients at an accelerated pace.

Once the client has a robust infrastructure, Techolution assists them in innovating their products and modernizing their user experience, co-creating with their vision to rapidly deliver innovative products. Often, modernization by itself isn't the end goal for businesses. They need to stay relevant to be competitive in a rapidly changing market. So, the question is, how can they keep the momentum going?

The answer lies in future-proofing success with the next two steps. With that secret sauce for innovation, clients can take full advantage of the downstream transformations to stay ahead of the competition.

We are small enough to care, we are big enough to be trusted by some of most recognizable brands to deliver meaningful innovation for their business done right at a fixed price

The team at Techolution is best equipped with unique methodologies that make this pursuit agile and efficient, allowing it to deliver solutions in weeks rather than years. This is ideal, as talent shortage and high costs remain an ever-growing threat, especially in services industries.

A Keen Eye for Excellence

Techolution's DNA is built on a strong foundation of engineering skills, problem-solving capabilities, and designing great user experiences. These abilities are leveraged to help enterprises boost profits while empowering them to solve real world problems in the communities they serve.

With its team's shared expertise and passion, Techolution has helped many customers increase profits while solving a wide range of challenges such as reducing food waste, mitigating water problems, improving air quality, and transforming healthcare infrastructure.
In one instance, Techolution helped one of the largest hospitals in New York City deal with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic through a telemedicine solution. It also delivered a cloud-based AI patient triaging system that helped the hospital prioritize patients based on live data.

Team Techolution made a significant impact for a large convenience store chain by helping them reduce food wastage by 70 percent, decreasing carbon emissions, and saving money with a cloud-based, computer vision AI solution. They are proud to help a country in Africa facing significant water distribution issues, leverage the power of the cloud and AI to deliver high-quality water more efficiently across its communities.

Staying True to its Promise

"While we're small enough to care, we're big enough to be trusted by some of the most recognizable brands for delivering meaningful innovation, predictably and at a fixed price" says Luv Tulsidas.

This was showcased during Techolution's collaboration with one of the largest banks in the world, helping them migrate to the cloud and deliver a modernized customer experience. The client wanted a solution that would allow them to leverage the cloud for agile operations while maintaining checks and balances to protect the brand. The team at Techolution delved deep into the client's systems, security risks, and compliance requirements to design a solution with the best of both worlds.

In other words, it was all about understanding the past and using innovation to design their future without disrupting the client's DNA.

In this project, Techolution leveraged its hyper velocity product development (HVPD) methodology, transforming an entire business unit from legacy to digital banking in less than a year. The company worked in tandem with the client and many other partners to orchestrate this change and clear all the hurdles on the modernization path. Post collaboration, the bank was able to create a new world of digital experience for its customers, thrive in the competitive market, and outperform its competition.

Caring for the Future

With the world heading to a recession, enterprises are looking to reduce their spending, which can have a negative impact on their digital transformation goals. This is where Techolution's USP of innovation at a fixed price can help enterprises meet their future readiness goals within their current financial capabilities.

Migrating to the cloud with Techolution will not only save money, but also provide environmental benefits through carbon footprint reduction. Enterprise-owned legacy data centers are often equipped with inefficient hardware powered by highly polluting energy sources. On the flip side, the global cloud providers they partner with use advanced infrastructure powered by carbon-offset energy.

Techolution strives to continue its innovation streak in the cloud migration space, giving enterprises the benefit of cloud computing while providing them with meaningful innovation that will help them thrive in their industries.


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Tim Delesio, Chief Technology Officer, Luv Tulsidas, Founder & CEO and Mal Marpaka, Chief Operations Officer

Techolution is a global business technology consultancy that enables clients to navigate a successful enterprise-grade cloud transformation journey. With the persistent vision for innovation, the company helps enterprises visualize their end goal from a business perspective and plot a migration path that takes them there quickly and cost-efficiently" cross check the description