TechR2: Data Center Media Security-A New Category of Enterprise Concern

Sepp Rajaie, President
Today’s enterprise faces endless data security concerns but one in particular is too often disregarded. The issue: How does an enterprise securely and compliantly eradicate data from failed and/or decommissioned data-bearing devices prior to kicking them to the curb? What do you do with it when you’re done with it? Sounds simple, right? Hey, just punch a hole in it. Nope, not good enough— data is still recoverable. OK, then, shred it in the parking lot. Wrong again—research shows that data can still be recovered— not to mention the fact that the enterprise has lost control of the data as soon as it crosses the threshold of the door to the outside. Don’t worry about the hazardous waste being tracked back inside after being released in the shredding process. Well, then, just “securely” ship it to a third party vendor to take care of it. What??!! Can you say breach and headline news in the same breath? Yeah, only one use for the so-called “Certificate of Destruction” received in return. Unfortunately, there is nothing simple about it.

One company has pioneered a comprehensive solution that is fully compliant with the multitude of stringent regulation mandates. TechR2 started with a unique idea on how to address obsolete enterprise data and evolved it into TechR2’s patented Tear-A-Byte system, which employs a “Track-Contain- Destroy” methodical approach that is rapidly becoming the industry standard. “By adopting a completely transparent process of on-site data eradication, TechR2 guarantees compliance with all industry regulations,” says Sepp Rajaie, TechR2’s President and the man with the vision.

The Tear-A-Byte solution begins with the implementation of an intricate RFID system that tags each device and communicates with TechR2’s proprietary software to “track” the device’s every move via the TechR2 client-access web portal. No device (or data contained on the device) can leave the enterprise facility without real-time, immediate alert. The Tear-A-Byte appliance is then utilized to securely house and “contain” all of the devices, along with the data on each device. Once the Tear-A-Byte appliance fills to capacity, TechR2 dispatches its certified engineers to reconcile all of the devices with the data contained on each, after which the data is completely and irretrievably “destroyed” through the use of NSA certified degaussers.

We are proud to say that TechR2 has been able to completely eliminate all client risk in connection with data under our control

“TechR2’s engineers not only audit and fully assess any risk, but double verify the reconciliation process to ensure nothing falls through the cracks,” says Rajaie. Once the Tear-A-Byte process is complete and all data is eradicated, then—and only then— are the wiped media collected in TechR2’s techBox for device recycling. TechR2 then disposes of the “technology corpses” in a manner that is compliant with all EPA and R2 standards in accordance with TechR2’s “Zero Landfill Policy.” “There is reason why we have R2 in our company name— Responsible Recycling is a standard we live by,” states Rajaie. Finally, TechR2 issues the Enterprise a Certificate of Destruction that actually means something.

TechR2 has earned and currently maintains multiple ISO and industry certifications, including ISO27001, ISO14001, ISO9001, OHSAS18001 and R2. Tear-A-Byte is fully compliant with these standards which encompass many underlying industry specifications, such as those regulating healthcare, banking and data center organizations. Rajaie states that TechR2’s Tear-A-Byte process is not limited to any one particular industry but adequately serves them all. As Rajaie puts it, “We are proud to say that TechR2 has been able to completely eliminate all client risk in connection with data under our control; we have yet to permit a single data breach and we are committed to keeping it that way!”

TechR2 is well-versed with serving individual clients and also partnering with manufacturers of data bearing devices to deploy its patented Tear-A-Byte data eradication solution. “Our solutions are revolutionizing the media retention and security industry by helping take the incredible burden off the shoulders of CIOs,” concludes Rajaie. With many promising ventures on its plate, TechR2 is certainly looking at an exciting future.


Columbus, OH

Sepp Rajaie, President

Provides state of the art media security data eradication solutions.